Yes indeed! The good, GREAT news is that if you are a field service management professional then you can now register for a complimentary industry subscription! As a subscriber, you will get exclusive access to all of the premium content currently available on the website, our weekly newsletter, and a huge amount (up to $9K's worth!) of industry event discounts and can register for our bi-monthly print magazine as well! 


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Refreshingly Honest Fine Print (AKA so here’s the deal):

We believe very strongly in honesty and transparency so just for complete clarity’s sake this is what you’re signing up for…

In order to provide you with an ever-growing library of premium content for absolutely no cost (as well as a rather sexy high-end print publication every two months delivered to your desk), we rely entirely on revenue from our sponsors. Some of this revenue comes in the form of advertisements so please do click through and spend some time on their sites!

However, another significant area of revenue that supports our organisation (for the record we are an independent publisher and this is our only title) is our premium content. As a subscriber  to you may access the entire library of premium content for zero cost - however, please do be aware that we may share information that identifies you in your professional capacity with the companies who sponsor specific items of premium content should you choose to download those specific items (either from this website or that we highlight to you via email). 

Again we really do believe in being honest, transparent and in doing things the right way so we’ll always clearly state which company has sponsored any given item of premium content right next to the link to download. This sponsor may then follow up by sending you an email or giving you a quick call to touch base with you for legitimate business purposes to find out if their solutions are a potential fit for your needs. 

We only work with solution providers to the field service sector, so the fact is that all of our sponsors will have products that could potentially improve an aspect of your service delivery, so you’ll never be inundated with sales calls from non-relevant companies, with their pesky non-relevant products!

You must be registered to access premium content however we also publish daily content that is free to access, which you are able to access without registration and we will always continue to do so. 

As part of your subscription, we’ll also keep you up to date with the latest technology, research and analysis via our weekly newsletter and dedicated emails highlighting new premium content as it is added to our library. Other than this the only ever email you will get from us will be letting you know about exclusive subscriber discount we’ve negotiated for field service focused events (usually this is at least 25% so worth keeping an eye out for!) 

We hate spam just like everyone else so you’ll only ever receive four types of emails from us:


  1. Those highlighting educational resources (i.e. white papers and webcasts) that you will find valuable in your role as a field service professional that we’ve just added to our resource library. 
  2. Our weekly newsletter which brings together a selection of the most interesting stories we’ve published across the last week
  3. Emails with discount codes for key industry events
  4. Occasionally an invitation to take part in our research projects (which we generally offer each respondent an Amazon voucher for taking part in!)


In general, we send two or maximum three emails out per week including our newsletter, so we promise you won’t get bombarded by us every day. 

Finally, if you do subscribe and then decide that it's not for you then you can choose to unsubscribe at any time - although do remember that in doing so you will lose access to all of the subscriber benefits listed out above. 

So there you go, that’s the deal laid out as honestly and transparently as we can. We think its pretty damn fair – you get tons of useful stuff, massive discounts and even the opportunity to earn an occasional Amazon voucher – all in exchange for taking a call or email every now and then from companies that you’d probably want to speak to at some point anyway!

We do of course have this all laid in in necessary legalese as well and for those of you that like that kind of thing then you can find our fascinating full terms and conditions here which also outlines how we process any data we store and all of that lovely GDPR stuff which we comply with fully and which of course, you consent to when you subscribe. 

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