The Gig Economy, All Grown Up. 

The gig economy can play a huge part in helping field service companies meet increasing demand. Yet when we discuss the economy the conversation often centres around millennials and Generation Z, yet for field service, in particular, there is a wealth of more mature gig-workers that can add expertise, experience and excellence to your field service operations.

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Three Core Arguments to Gain Investment in Field Service Management Systems

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, is joined by Danny Wieder and Shilen Khimani, of HSO as they discuss how implementing a modern field service management system can deliver a strong return on investment, improve the health and safety of your field staff and avoid your organization falling into a competitive disadvantage.

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Building a 21st Century Field Workforce

Kris Oldland is joined by Doug Lacy, President of Pivital and Mynul Khan, CEO Field Nation as they explore the ways in which the field service workforce is rapidly evolving and they discuss how field service companies can harness the growing potential of the gig economy and 3rd party labour.

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