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Issue #41:

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Features Include:

ServiceMax: The Tech Company that Refuses to Follow the Script, Defining the Steps to Supercharging your Technicians’ Revenue Generation Efforts, What to Look for in a Field Service Management Solution, and Why, Could Your Printer Be Repaired by Tony Stark? How To Get The Pulse Of The Customer Before The NPS Score, Differentiating Service Through the Field Team’s Proactive Efforts, Why Augmented Reality Set to Become a Key Part of the Field Service Tool-kit, 3 Ways Cimcorp Has Modernized Its IT Approach, Being a Trusted Adviser is Not the Same as Providing a Great Customer Experience, Upsell Leakage: Everything You Need To Know, Digitalisation and Servitization: Why it’s not such a straightforward journey, As We Approach a New Normal, Are We Optimising Our Most Valuable Assets Our Staff? 


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Issue #40:

Does the new normal require new thinking?

Features Include: Make Decisions Based on Data, Not Opinions, Evaluation of the Spare Parts Management, Deliver Service Anytime, Anywhere With Visual Remote Assistance, Innovation that could change an entire industry, It’s All About Perception, Maintaining Resilience for Service Hero’s, Day to day operations with the blended workforce, The Future Field Service Enterprise Depends on Getting Change Management Right, Empowering Your Most Important Assets: Your Technicians


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Issue #39:


Features Include: Why People Buy A Service Contract, What the Workforce Skills Gap Costs Field Service And why the skills gap is thwarting your KPI goals, How Data Savvy is Your Team? 70% of Customers Prefer On-Site Service, Even Now — Is Your Field Service Ready To Deliver? IoT’s Impact on Data Management, Differentiating Service Through the Field Team’s Proactive Efforts, Service Resolution With or Without an On-Site Technician, Understanding the true value proposition of service delivery and where remote sits within service delivery in the new normal, The Emergence of A Hybrid Support Model – Fad or Future? 4 Trends for the Future, Leveraging the Value of Remote Support in a Post COVID World, CEO’s, CFO’s and CIO’s – “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”


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Issue #38:

This One's For Bill (Special Edition in Memory of Bill Pollock) 

Features Include:The Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management Paints a Picture of Progress, Farewell to One of the Very Best, Beyond the Headlines: The Inside View from ServiceMax on their co-announcement with Salesforce, Beyond the Headlines: Digging Deeper into the Major Announcements from Salesforce this Quarter, Beyond the Headlines: The Pragmatic Details of ScopeAR’s Connection to the ServiceMax Platform, Cutting Supply Chain Costs With Technology, Augmenting the First-Hand Knowledge of the Territories Your Field Technicians Support through Advanced Route Management Technologies, Super Cars, Broken Tvs And Service Excellence, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,  Today’s Service KPIs Must Address Both “Back to the Basics” and “Back to the Future” page 32 2020 - The Year of The Lemon…And Opportunity? The key tools needed for effective remote service delivery, Equip Your Mobile Workforce for Success in the Field, Building a Strategic Services Plan for Meeting Customer Expectations, Assessing the Impact of COVID on the Field Service Sector, Unprecedented Times, Untold Innovation, Five Things we Learned from the World Servitization Convention


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Issue #37:

Now is the Time to Raise the Bar

Features Include: Why Field Service Must Invest in Digital Transformation, Skilling Up for Digital, Does the Success of Social Bubbles Pave the Way for Service Bubbles in the Age of Covid-19? Time to Raise the Bar, It’s All about the Asks, Zero-Touch Service Logistics that keep the supply chain moving in the final mile, Rising to the recruitment need of recovery, Blending Customer Service and Technology, Signs of a Perfect Storm Ahead, 3 Steps To Overcome Common Obstacles For Successful Servitization, Survive COVID-19 & Grow by Service, What are the Right Technology Investments for Service’s Next Normal? #TheFieldServicePodcast: Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World, #TheFieldServicePodcast: Is Digital Transformation the Silver Lining of Covid-19? #ThinkTanks: Servitization: Challenge and Opportunity, #ThinkTanks: Achieving with Outcome-Based Services, #ViewFromAcademia: Survive Radical Change with Services, #ViewFromAcademia: The Digital Twin as an Enabler for New Service-Based Value Propositions


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Issue #36:


Features Include: Now is the time for strong, decisive leadership, React, Rethink, Recover, Embrace the latest tools for Communication, Establish an understanding of what true leadership looks like, Prepare to Return stronger than before, Pay Attention to Your Parts, Be Ready to Embrace the Grown-Up Gig Economy, Look After Your Field Service Engineers, Listen to Your Peers. Learn from Your Peers, Appreciate the Moments of Levity When They Come Along, #ThinkTankSessions: Different Service Needs of Different Customers, #FSN20: Keeping Cancer Treatment Systems Treating, #FSN20; Understanding Leadership, #ViewFromAcademia: I Was Wrong (or Why Professors are not Clairvoyants), #ViewFromAcademia: Overcoming The Challenges That Are Slowing Down Servitization


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Issue #35:

Everything You've Got Used to Will Change

Features Include: Hands On Review: Durabook R11 Rugged Tablet, Initiating Change Management: A Tale of Process, Culture and People, Everything You’ve Got Used to Will Change, Changing of the Guard, 3D Printers:the Future, The Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Field Service Excellence, Turning Novices Into Experts, Brave New World, Event Preview: Meet the Manufacturer, March 12th 2020, Coventry, UK, The Self-Limiting Reality of Getting Technicians to “Sell”, Big Bang or Evolutionary? Diversify Your Innovation To Boost Growth, How to Tackle the Field Service Talent Gap, #ThinkTankSessions: Thinking Out Loud, #FSN20: Sharing is Caring, #FSN20; What Can We Do To Get More Young People Interested In A Career In Service? #ViewFromAcademia: An Evolution of Understanding, #ViewFromAcademia: The Human in the Digitally Enabled Product Service System, #AcademicPapers: Transformational Shifts Through Digital Servitization


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Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 19.45.03Issue #34:

It's all Coming Together

Features Include: Avoid the Commodity Trap to Drive Service Growth, The Big Discussion: Artificial Intelligence, Service’s Most Significant Shift Technological Innovation in the Supply Chain: Past, Present and Future, 3D Printers:The Future, Embracing The Digital Age, Or Not? Customer Portals...Don’t Get Caught Naked! Reaping the Benefits from “Connected” Field Technicians, Reaching The Next Level Of Field Service Management With IIoT, Driving Disruption, Extending The Impact Of FSM, Selling Preventive Maintenance as a Value Add, A Busy Twelve Months in Field Service Management, Connected Field Service for Connected Customers, How to get your Service Technician Involved in your Success Strategy, Why do we use such negative language in services? Seven Reasons why Field Service Leaders Should Celebrate 2019, Think Tank Sessions - Report: Health and Safety in the modern field service workforce, #FSN20 - Six Things You Must Do To Successfully Integrate an Acquisition, #ViewFromAcademia - Servitization: Where Theory Meets Practice, #ViewFromAcademia - A Year in Review: 2019, #FSNresearch - Research Report: Brave New World: Digitalisation and Servitization, #FSNresearch - How To Avoid Paralysis By Analysis In A Deluge Of Data. 



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Issue #33:

This is the Future Calling 

Features Include: You’ve heard of the “CX” but what about the “TX”? The Future Faces of Field Service, 3 Reasons To Embrace Cannibalism (Of Your Products And Services), Still Blaming Murphy For Your Failed Service Transformation? 3D Printers:the Future, Embracing The Digital Age, Or Not? Four Field Service Solutions to Watch in 2020, Logistics services as value addition in a Subscription Business Model for the print media Industry, IFS Adds Astea to Its World, Machine Learning Helps To Make Field Service Management Smarter, Beyond the Buzz Words: Uberization, Creating Competitive Advantage Through Integrated Field Service Management, Telematics 2020, Data shows that data-driven organizations perform better. But what does it take to get there? The World Servitization Convention: A New Conference Dedicated To Servitization And Advanced Services, Is The Only Way To Connect With Your Technicians Through An App? Accelerate Digital Service Transformation Using Service Solution Blueprints, Show me the money! Discover. Control. Predict. A Sense of Community, 5 Valuable Lessons about Extended Warranties and Service Contracts, Research Report: KPIs in a Brave New World of Digitalisation and Servitization, Sustainability Opportunities For Service Execution


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Issue #32:

We are only just getting started

Features Include: Customer Experience 4.0, Service Value Chain Optimisation, The Next Frontier For Exponential Growth, The Big Discussion: Rugged Hardware, Seeing the Future page 26 Making a Real Difference, Reduce Risks of Service Innovation by Experiments,  Optimizing Your Field Service Workforce for 2020, Customer First: How can joined up thinking transform attitudes and processes across the business? Shared Field Service Knowledge in an On-Demand World, Systems of Support for your Servitization Journey, What is the road ahead for Services? Collaborate to Compete, Demystifying a Quick Path to Value: Measure | Plan | Manage, How Otis are harnessing the power of IoT, Taking the right path, Make the most of your data with data management, Salesforce Goes All In on ClickSoftware, Event Preview: Field Service Europe Amsterdam page 60 Beyond Remote Assistance, Servitization: The Inevitable Future, #FSN20, Special Report: Connecting The Dots Of Last-Mile Service Delivery, Research Report: Benchmarking KPIs in Field Service


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Issue #30:

Plan for Tomorrow. Fix Today

Features Include:3 Opportunities to Upskill Your Technicians for Today’s Field Service Landscape, Plan for Tomorrow, Fix Today... Outside In: Are Your Customers At The Heart Of Your Service Business? The Big Discussion: Dynamic Scheduling, Connected by Service, and the African Rhino, Balancing the “S” equation in SaaS…Three Tips to Get Services on the Strategic Agenda of a Manufacturing Company, The Transformation Of Field Service Management: Artificial Intelligence As A Driving Force, How to make change work: start with PPTX , Innovation Continues to Drive the Mobile Workforce into the Future, Why the Field Service Landscape is Changing... Is There Something You’re Not Telling Your Customers? What makes a Smart Locker, “Smart”? Food for Thought... Driving Service Revenue Growth and Profitability Through Service Lifecycle Management Solutions, Protect Your Most Valuable Assets - Your Staff, Joining The Dots, It’s Augmented Operations, not Augmented Reality, that will transform the Service Workforce of the Future, Beyond Remote Assistance. AR 101 – A Look At The Key Benefits AR Can Deliver And The Challenges Of Implementation, Open The Door, Building a Business Case for Investment in AR, Seeing Clearly, Back to Reality page 68 Service Signposts, Security in the Age of IoT... The Top Four Tech In Aftermarket, A Colourful Life, Is Our Obsession With AI the Intelligent Way Forward?


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Issue #30:

Welcome to Digital Disruption Please Drive Carefully

Features Include: A Pain In The Neck, Celebrating Failure?, The Big Discussion: Augmented Reality, Crossing The Chasm: The Gap Between The Creation And Adoption, Servitization: Past, Present and Future, Academic Excellence - Servitization Conference Review, Welcome to Digital Disruption. Please Drive Carefully. Taking your Field Service Evolution from Concept to Reality, Measuring and Improving Your Own Customer Service Performance, The Engineering Skills Shortage: Why Are Engineers Being Used To Shop Rather Than Fix?, Maximum Impact, Service Knowledge: The Ultimate Key to Enabling a Higher First Time Fix, Top Three Field Service Solutions You Need To Know About Now, Is it Time to Tune Up Your Business Development Efforts of Your Field Team?, The Service Sales Trusted Advisor Role In Achieving Customer Success, Augmented Reality... But Not As We Know It, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, The Long Awaited Uberization Of The Field Service’s Last Mile, Platform Ecosystems: A New Opportunity For Servitization?, Phoenix Rising?, Crowd Service Takes Field Service to a New Level


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Issue #29:

Welcome to the New Age

Features Include:Taking a Stand... 5 Reasons Why a Burning Platform is Bad for Innovation and Change, Why Rugged Still has a Place in Field Service, Deliver Better CX Through Best in Class Field Service Management Apps, Feeling Like A Spare Part, The Enemy Of Excellence Is Good Enough... Does Your FSM Initiative Require a “Mid-Course Correction”? Understanding Field Service Maturity and Enabling Business Growth, Selecting Spare Parts Suitable For Additive Manufacturing, Face To Face Value, Mind the Gap, Are You On Board The Customer Experience Bandwagon? How Asia is the New Up and Coming Stage for Field Service, Don’t Believe The Hype? How To Embrace Augmented Reality In Field Service, Why IoT is Democratizing Servitization, IoT Alone is Not Enough... IoT Delivers Real Benefits To Smaller Field Service Businesses, A Safe Evolution: A Brief History Of IoT In Field Service, Problem Solving ‘Trusted Advisor’:The Big Assumption, Embracing Disruption, Towards Data-Driven Services, Have The Millennials Broken Field Service Yet? Asset or Human?


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Issue #28:

Think Big

Features Include: The Big Discussion: What Challenges, Opportunities and Trends should we expect in 2019,  A Life In Service, Customers Play a Role in Their Own Satisfaction: Partnerships in Quality Field Service and Support, What is Digital Servitization? Piece By Piece, How Service Leaders are Adapting to the Changing World of Field Service, An opportunity to learn from the best - your peers... Creating an Uber-like Service Experience Through Dynamic Scheduling Software, Digital Twins Help To Avoid Unpredictable Plant Downtimes, Crossing Continents, Will AI Remove The Human Touch? Why Healthcare Providers Need to Know About Schedule Optimization, Power Struggle, Digital Transformation – The Biggest Change In Field Service In 25 Years, Talent, Service and Digital Transformation: Benchmarking The Changing Face of Field Service, A Question Of Balance, Are you doing data capture correctly? Sharpen Your Tools, The Critical Role Of Analytics In 2019, Time To Stop Kicking Tyres... Talking ‘Trusted Advisor’ , How to Monetise Services and Data:Build Internal Momentum, A Glympse of the Future, Good Enough, Not Good Enough, Pricing Of Risk In Product Service Systems, Seven Questions to Evaluate your Proactive Service Effectiveness


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issue #27

Issue #27:

Choose the Right Path

Features Include: IoT, AI and Augmented Reality Drive Field Service Innovation, Monetising Data by Removing Client Obstacles, Stepping Through a Pricing Journey, 9 Field Service Practices to Retire by 2020, Science or Art: The Case for Using Econometric Market Models in Service Market Planning. A Reality Check Against the Hyperbole of Block Chain in Field Service, Maintaining Satisfactory Customer Service in an Outsourced Environment, Augmenting the Field Service Talent Gap, Delivering Process Efficiencies To Critical Parts Supply, Outcome Economy Set to Drive New Forms of Product Innovation. Tip of the Iceberg - interview with Scott Berg, CEO ServiceMax,  The Value Ad of Business Development by Field Service, Survey Shows More than Half of Field Service Engineers See No Future in Their Careers, Stand Alone - the importance of Lone Worker Safety, Building A Case For Investment in FSM Systems, Mobile Telecoms 2019 Predictions. 


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issue #26

Issue #26:

Time for Phase Two

Features Include: Three Foundations for Digital Transformation, How Service Automation Helps Helps Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Optimize Operational Efficiencies, How to Monetize IoT: Articulate Better Value, Building A Case For Investment in Service Technology: R.O.I, Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Omni-Channel for Customer Contact, Ten Steps to Servitization Success, IoT + AR in Field Service: Convergence of the Physical and the Digital, Are You Tracking All Five Stages of the Field Service Customer Journey, Special Report: Service Excellence is Coming - Are You Ready? Solving The Headache of Service Logistics, Nurturing a Business Approach to IoT Adoption, Augmented Knowledge: Combining Knowledge Management with Augmented Reality and People, Best Practices in Field Service Scheduling and Dispatch: Highlights from 2018 Benchmarking Study, An Appetite for Automation, Questions to Ask Yourself About Customer Service, Reflections on Beyond Great Service, Research Report" Trends in Spare Parts Management


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Issue #25issue #25:

Innovation and Ingenuity

Features Include: Hands On Hardware review:Janam XM 75, Are companies adopting AR for field service? How Local Stores Need Support In The Wake Of High Street Bank Closures, Maintaining Customer Satisfaction with a Remote Field Service Workforce, How to Monetise Services and IoT, Digital Transformation: The Engine Powering Our Experience Economy, Staying Connected: Meeting The Needs Of Modern Field-Service Customers Through Technology, Research Report: Should we still be promoting from within when appointing Service Managers? How embracing digital can make your service operation safe, reliable and optimised, Customer Effort Score: Three Ways to Address the Rising KPI, Beyond Great Service: The Results, Connected Products Will Drive Transformation in Field Service, Overcoming Field Service Challenges In Facilities And Property Management, #fsn20 - 20 key leaders in Field Service,  How to Make Your Field Service Management Solution Rock! Breaking down silos: Why the flow of data is essential to modern service delivery, Field Service Scheduling Software and What You Need to Know, Why preventative maintenance is causing shockwaves of disruption in field service, Why Rugged Still matters..


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Issue #24issue #24:

Ask Your AI What it Means...

Features Include: Are you up to date with the latest trends in field service? Is Technology Creating A Level Playing Field Amongst Service Providers? A new era for IFS, Delivering Reductions To Inner City Congestion, Optimizing Customer Service And Increasing Worker Productivity With Artificial Intelligence, Are your customer’s holding back your flight to advanced services? Customer engagement: Powering the Experience Economy, Why a service centric DNA is crucial to developing advanced services, Three steps to Digital Servitisation business growth, Beyond the Sale, The IoT revolution hasn’t happened. It’s only just beginning, Getting More Value from Field Service Automation Takes the Human Touch, Beyond Great Service: Unveiling Intelligent Service, The new paradigm is growing in momentum, Research Report: Talent Management, Recruiting and Developing Field Service Engineers and Management, Building a bluprint for adopting advanced services, How to Monetise Services and IoT – The Dilemma, Services and Strategy: Why Sell Services? Why a Best-of-Breed FSM Solution May Be a Better Choice than ERP for Your Organisation, Is it time we all moved to uptime? 


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Issue #23issue #23:

Are You Ready For The Future? 

Features Include: Is Your Organisation Drowning in a Data Lake? Or Is There Not Enough Data to Drink? Industry Is Going Digital, and Field Service Leads the Way, Three Change Management Projects Field Service Leaders Must Get Right, How to Effectively Turn Service-to-Cash, Measuring What Matters, Hands On Hardware review: Janam XT 100, The benefits of outsourcing the field service supply chain, Pathways towards Servitization, Digitalisation: It’s all about strategy rather than the technology, How to identify and follow up on new IoT enabled service opportunities, Case Study: Creating A Revolution, Service Leaders Are Building for Revenue Growth, The Delicate Balance Required to Deliver Best-in-Class Customer Experience, How to have all employees discover the future, How will outcome based contracts impact spare parts revenue? Beyond Great Service: Seeking Feedback (Part 2), Massive Value: The Secret to Selling More Service Contracts, Before Data Analytics Think Problem to Solve, From Products to Services: How manufacturers evolve into service led businesses , Driving Field Service Productivity with Innovative Technology


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Issue #22issue #22:

Digitalisation, Uberization, Servitization? 

Features Include: 2018 Trends in Field Service, What is Field Service Technician Enablement? The Big Discussion: What Does 2018 Hold In Store For The Field Service Sector? A breakthrough wearable for lone worker safety? Key factors for manufacturing companies to invest in advanced services, A Field Service Leaders Survival Guide For Dealing with Digital Transformation, Servitization, and Uberization, Empowering Employees to Take Ownership of Innovation and Change, Don’t be caught in the Emperor’s new clothes. First focus on the customer! Are You Ready to Meet Customer Expectations in 2018? ServiceMax: Continuing to outline a different path, Momentum Case Study: Why Volvo Penta’s Russian Dealerships Chose Service Collaboration Over Competition, Planning a Journey Towards Achieving Customer Experience Excellence, How Aware Are You of Your Field Service Organisation’s Awareness in the Marketplace? How the Battleground for Field Service is Changing Beyond Great Service: Seeking Feedback (Part 1)


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The Handy Little Book For Field Service Managers: 2018 EditionHLB 2018:


Features Include: Is there still a need for Rugged? Company Spotlight: Xplore, How do you build a scalable service sales & delivery model? Will Blockchain play an important role in the future of service delivery? Company Spotlight: Astea, Value and Price: Understanding the Forces that Influence Service Revenue, Augmented Reality: What is holding everyone back? Company Spotlight: Tesseract, an Asolvi product, The Future of Field Service Management Will Rely on Connected Field Service, Has The IoT Revolution Already Happened In Field Service?  Company Spotlight: IFS, Key Competencies Of Great B2B Service Leaders, Company Spotlight: Fast Lean Smart, Service Strategy in Action: How to Grow a Profitable Service and Solution Business, Company Spotlight: eBECS, Make-You-Or-Break-You Trends Driving 2019 Service Objectives , Company Spotlight: Exel, Does Sales Have to be a Dirty Word in Service? Has the line between fleet management and field service management finally blurred? Company Spotlight: ClickSoftware, Succession Planning in Field Service: The Most Important Challenge Facing, Company Spotlight: Columbus, Disrupt or be disrupted – is that the question? Company Spotlight: ByBox, Field Service Event Calender, Solution Provider Directory


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issue #21

Issue #21

Rise of the Machines 

Features Include: Why Productivity is Paramount in Field Service, Service becomes a key differentiator, Are you preparing for tomorrow's leadership challenges? Seven Steps for Selecting a Field Service Management Solution, What is Service Chain Optimisation? Is Quantum Computing The Future Of Customer Experience And Service Optimisation? 2017 Year in Review: Innovations in Field Service, Driving Efficiency Home for the Holidays, When Digital Transformation And Customer Expectation Collide: The Field Service Predicament, Are Your Colleagues Safe and Confident Enough to Drive Change?The changing face of the field service engineer, Why field service systems of the future simply have to be part of a wider platform, What makes a good RFP? T he State of the UK/Europe Field Service Management (FSM) Market in 2017 – and Beyond! 3 keys to build a strong employer brand in the Service Industry, How the Age of Acceleration Is Changing the Business of Service, The Changing Face Of The Field Service Engineer, Why Augmented Reality is the Future of the Field Service Industry, Not all AI is equal, Are Outcome Based Services Truly The Way Forward For Field Service Companies? What Does Preventative Maintenance Mean For Parts Management, Beyond Great Service: The Solution (Part 3)


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issue #20

Issue #20

The Evolution of the Engineer

Features Include: Case Study: How Engineers transformed themselves into Brand Ambassadors at Mars Drinks UK, What do current UK water challenges mean for field service? Free to Fee, Case Study: Eagle Field Service significantly increases engineer utilisation, Hiring Service Leadership Capability or finding your next career move, today’s tools just don’t cut it! Enabling a Faster, Smarter Customer Experience, It All Begins And Ends With The Customer, Why the role of the field service engineer is more important than ever in a world of automation and digitisation, Using data and technology to tackle emissions and reduce waste in field service, Five Fundamental Elements to expect in a FSM solution – and how to get the best from them, Humans Need a Digital Twin to Hit Goal of Zero Unplanned Downtime, The changing face of the field service engineer, The New Reality Facing Service Providers, Snog, Marry, Avoid? What To Do With Your Ageing Field Technology, The challenges and benefits of Electric Vehicles, Monetising the Impact of the IoT in Field Service, Beyond Great Service: The Solution (Part 2), How to Make Video Part of Your Field Service Success


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Issue #19

Issue #19


Features Include: Telogis step back into the field service Spotlight, The Big Discussion: Service and Sales, Growing the Field Service Talent Pool with Crowdsourcing, Choosing the Most Effective FSM Provider, Augmented Reality Becomes the New Reality for Field Service, Are you prepared for the Connected Customer? Back To The Future: Field Service Style, Minds and Machines, Jaw Jaw or War War… where do you fit! Customer Experience is essential to every member in the field service ecosystem, The Evolution Of Service Technology Still Requires A Human Touch… For Now, Is your message getting through? Servitization: Plain Sailing or Choppy Seas? Shaking The Tree: Disruption Hits Capital Equipment Assets (And Why That’s A Good Thing), The Magnificent Seven: Best Approaches for Generating More Service Revenue Today,  Hands On: XSLATE R12, Mergers and Acquisitions, Beyond Great Service: The Solution (Part 1)


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issue #18

Issue #18

Are you building today, for tomorrow's future

Features Include: 4 winning habits of long-lasting achievers in service, The big discussion: the Internet of Things, Did HP just go and redefine computing in field service whilst our back was turned? Beyond great service: The Hurdles (Part 2), Real insight: building a big data bridge to customer satisfaction, Five things every field service company should be doing right now, Applying the rules of Dr. Stephen Covey to field service transformation, Are we about to witness the rise of the Service ERP, New book outlines a step-by-step path to servitization, Achieving truly real-time scheduling, UK/Europe FSOs Continue to Invest in New Technologies, Could field services boost the UK government’s industrial strategy? What can we expect at UBM’s newly rebranded Field Service Management Expo? Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ): The missing links to selling more service contracts, Boosting Productivity, Whispers of the desert, Is inventory and parts management finally getting the attention it deserves? Product as a Service, Preparing for the connected customer.


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issue #17

Issue #17

All Change

Features Include: 4 winning habits of long-lasting achievers in service, The big discussion: the Internet of Things, Did HP just go and redefine computing in field service whilst our back was turned? Beyond great service: The Hurdles (Part 2), Real insight: building a big data bridge to customer satisfaction, Five things every field service company should be doing right now, Applying the rules of Dr. Stephen Covey to field service transformation, Are we about to witness the rise of the Service ERP, New book outlines a step-by-step path to servitization, Achieving truly real-time scheduling, UK/Europe FSOs Continue to Invest in New Technologies, Could field services boost the UK government’s industrial strategy? What can we expect at UBM’s newly rebranded Field Service Management Expo? Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ): The missing links to selling more service contracts, Boosting Productivity, Whispers of the desert, Is inventory and parts management finally getting the attention it deserves? Product as a Service, Preparing for the connected customer


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HLB 2017

The Handy Little Book for Field Service Managers (2017 Edition)


Features Include: The On-Demand Economy Leads to a New Generation of Field Service, Is there still a place for telematics in tomorrow’s connected world? Back to Digital Basics, How to drive your Momentum for Service, How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Transforming Field Service, Improve first time fix rates and drive CSAT with spare parts trunk deliveries, Service Success in 2017, What service managers should know about sales


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issue #16bIssue #16

No Fault Found

Features Include: 4 winning habits of long-lasting achievers in service, The big discussion: the Internet of Things, Did HP just go and redefine computing in field service whilst our back was turned? Beyond great service: The Hurdles (Part 2), Real insight: building a big data bridge to customer satisfaction, Five things every field service company should be doing right now, Applying the rules of Dr. Stephen Covey to field service transformation, Are we about to witness the rise of the Service ERP, New book outlines a step-by-step path to servitization, Achieving truly real-time scheduling, UK/Europe FSOs Continue to Invest in New Technologies, Could field services boost the UK government’s industrial strategy? What can we expect at UBM’s newly rebranded Field Service Management Expo? Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ): The missing links to selling more service contracts, Boosting Productivity, Whispers of the desert, Is inventory and parts management finally getting the attention it deserves? Product as a Service, Preparing for the connected customer


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issue #14

Issue #14

The Unrelenting Advance of Advanced Services

Features Include: Empowering the Data-Driven Customer Service OfficerBack to the depot, Servitization: From understanding to implementation, Field Service: The global view, Advancing advanced services, A Changing Competitive Landscape Yields Interesting Shifts from SFG℠’s 2016 Field Service Management Tracking Survey, The main man, Private or public the benefits of FSM technology cannot be overlooked, Employee or Contractor – or Both? Research Report: IoT Servitization and Field Service, Are you using KPIs effectively enough? The ever-adapting profile of the professional driver, Hands On: Getac S410 Semi- Rugged notebook, If a picture is worth a thousand words, to a field service team a video is priceless, Improve customer experience in 30 minutes through journey mapping, G-Cloud 9 needs to be started from scratch, Redefining the FSM Landscape, The Analyst’s Take: Salesforce, Field Service Lightning, Book serialisation: Beyond GREAT SERVICE, Rugged Decoded: MIL STD 810G, Event review: Click Connect, Navigating the New Working Time Directive ‘EU Travel to Work’


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Issue #13

Issue #13


A Perfect Storm of Technology For Field Service Evolution

Features Include: The global aggregation model, Back to the depot, The crowdsourced tech: a new way to deliver on-demand field service? Better, Faster, Stronger, Cheaper? Accelerating value innovation: Don’t change people, let them change the company, Is Augmented Reality (AR) the next big thing in field service? Telematics as we know it is dead – long live Mobile Enterprise Management, Roadmaps to the future: why you need to understand where both you and your providers are heading, Research Report: Has field service finally made the move to the Cloud? Has Augmented Reality reached inflection point? A summary of the Field Service Forum 2016 optimised scheduling round table, Rugged Decoded: Rugged types, Connect your remote field service workforce to the team, Demand generation: A Groundhog day experience, Improving driver behaviour, The ever increasing value of mobiity in field service, Beyond GREAT SERVICE: Part One - The Revelation, The subtle science of service marketing, Hands On: Janam XT2 Rugged touch computer, Brexit: An opportunity for Service Growth


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Issue #12

Issue #12

Banging the Drum

Features Include: Monetizing digitisation: start with the customer experience and work back, Selling maintenance agreements and professional services – It’s probably much easier than you think! Hidden in plain sight, Real-time field service should not be an afterthought for SMBs, Rugged Decoded: Touch-screens, Case Study: Transforming service with the latest field service technology, 9 reasons why millennials are a perfect fit for field service, Servitization: Are we Set for the next shift forward? It’s time to move your focus to the field, One step beyond, Empowering field service engineers through mobile technology, Hands On: Gen2Wave RP1600 rugged smartphone, The elusive Return on Investment, Time to start banging the drum, Nurturing your top talent, Scheduling: Integrated or standalone? Technicians, customers, spare parts and profits: how strong are the links in your supply chain? Customer centric software solutions, Risk or Revolution: Rise of The Machines, The Big Discussion: Fleet Management, Intimus International transforming their field service operation, The need for a flexible approach to scheduling, Don’t give me more data, give me actionable data


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Issue #11Issue #11

Fit for Purpose

Features Include: Finding the measure that drives your service business, Making Smart Decisions to Improve Field Service Operations:The Importance of Business Analytics, Keynote speakers announced at Service Management Expo, The 5 Ws of Field Service (part two), Why selling service must no longer be seen as a black art, Is it time to rethink our entire approach to field service applications? More than just a journey planner, Down the Stretch with Technology, Research report: Consumer versus rugged, Hands On: Getac v110 convertible laptop, KPI’s – What are they good for? Rugged Decoded: IP ingress protection rating, Are we ready for the 15 minute SLA? Industry Overview: Medical/Healthcare, Are we witnessing the consumerisation of logistics? The best of both worlds, Are you up to date with the latest trends in field service? Why Field Service Managers Are Talking About Virtual and Augmented Reality, Energising field service at SGN, Enabling the 4th industrial revolution - “Industrie 4.0” or the “Internet of Things”?  


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HLB 2016

The Handy Little Book for Field Service Managers (2016)


Features Includes: Ten big field service trends for 2016, Focus on the customer, they hold the keys to success, And the survey says, Telematics: A 2016 Buyers’ Guide, Customers’ reliance on the services your field technicians provide, The service revolution of the manufacturing industry, Six strategies to maximise value from products, services and disruptive technologies


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Issue #8

Issue #8

The Age of the Industrial Internet

Features Include: The Field Service Checklist, Which technology is set to define our industry more than any other? Are You Prepared to Meet Your 2016 Field Service KPIs? Modern life (Brought to you by a Van), The productivity paradox: is there a measurement problem? Forward thinking - inteview with Marne Martin CEO ServicePower, The differences between a customer problem and a problem customer, IoT: Extending Enterprise Value with Service Data, Research report: IoT in Field Service, Hands On: Xplore Bobcat rugged tablet, The re-invention of manufacturing is profoundly changing field service, Wearable Technology: Fashion, Smart Clothes & the Future of Wearables, Community Service, Lone workers: managing their risk, Southern comfort for field service leaders, Case Study: Tesseract helps British Gas to expand and diversify, What Does a Toddler, a Grandmother, and a Technician have in common?


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Issue #7

Issue #7

Here, There and Everywhere

Features Include: From Reactive to Proactive: The Future of the Utilities sector, Mobile Apps: A bridge to monetizing a world of connected things, The changing face of field service, Changing the game with integrated service management, Rugged Country, Advanced services in the road transport industry, Managing complexity, The benefits of treating your customers … well, like customers! Three major areas of field service evolution, Research Report: Field service, mobility and the Cloud, Hands ON: Rugged Checklist, Why field service is going Dutch, Van drivers must turn semi-pro, White Van Man Land, The evolution of in-cab GPS for White Van Drivers, Telematics Reborn? Making the most of telematics: the cost and efficiency gains of tackling driver behaviour, Servitization: The next industrial revolution? Workforce management software must evolve as technologies and needs change, Volvo Construction engineers increase productivity with M2M Intelligence, The field team has the power and access to drive service forward.   


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Issue #6

Issue #6

One Small Step

Features Include: How will artificial intelligence change the field service industry? Supporting customer service in a channel partnership environment, The 2020 field engineers toolkit, MAN enough for servitzation? SaaS & Agile Projects – the perfect combination to get the very best from a software implementation, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Servitization and Service Innovation in China: Reflections from Shanghai, Business Intelligence - the latest buzzword or a game changer? The power of services, The integrated fleet - how open innovation is changing the face of field service, Performance Management: Why it matters in Field Service, Changing of the guard, The world is changing, is your service organisation prepared? Driverless cars, pizza and field service, Is unleashing our imagination the secret to transforming service delivery? It’s gonna be big, Does size matter? The revolution begins once more in Boston, Good-bye Products, Hello Services? The road to monetising the IoTS, Are you up to date with the latest trends in field service? Case Study: Automotive Automation, Technicians Can Be Revenue Engines with the Right Tools


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Issue #5

Issue #5

Power to the People


Features Include: Stopping that morning field service schedule blow up, The IoT Opportunity, The new rules of cyber security, Technology and Technicians in Field Service, Making happy customers even happier – It’s easy, if you follow the guidelines! Hands On: Motion F5M, Good implementation, starts with excellent planning, Research: Mobility tools in field service 2015, Want to bring bold ideas to reality: Try ‘ecosystem thinking’, The personal touch, Welcome to the new age, The big debate: Should we be turning our engineers into salesmen? Getting Smart, Enter the ambassadors, Seeds of success, Social: a Field Service Connector, Not Distraction


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issue #4

Issue #4



Features Include: The Future of Field Service, Keeping Competitive with Quad PlayOf horses and carts - ruggedness and reliability in tablet PC selection in the utilities sector, Service Automation 2.0, What is in a name? Part Two: the hallmarks of field service, Identifying the differences between customers’ wants and needs, We’re talkIing Servitization, Inventory management in field service is hard to get right, #FSN20: The twenty most influential people in field service, With you every step of the way, Putting the customer back in control with self-service technology, Spreading the word, Tough at the top? IOT challenges for Field Service, Case Study: Artic Building Services, The Changing Face of Field Service: Are You Ready?


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HLB 2015

Handy Little Book for Field Service Manager (2015 Edition)


Features Include:  Technology Trends in Field Service for 2015, 5 field service trends that won’t fade in 2015, Case Study: Efficiency is everything for gaming giant, What is the difference between good and great customer service? Wearables - why function will triumph over fashion, Three quick NFC wins for field service organisations, And the survey says, The emerging field service worker: young, tech-savvy and collaborative, 2015… The year of the S?Your connected vehicle has now arrived, Out and about...


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Issue #3Issue #3



Features Include: Is there space for wearables in field service? Is your ageing workforce about to fall of a cliff, Of horses and carts - ruggedness and reliability in tablet PC selection in the utilities sector, Mind the... Metrics, Are you ready for change? The advantages and disadvantages of BYOD, Special Report - Just a bunch of cowboys. research into field service standards, The social tech - don’t fear the evolution of field service, Developing and end-to-end technology road map, Big Data, big chance, A question of empowerment. Interview with John Cameron, Trimble Field Service Management, Service Management Software: The changing concerns of implementing new software, Community spirit (Service Community event review), Viva la revolution, Latest resources, Case Study: British Gas, Time for change


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Issue #2Issue #2

Business as Usual


Features Include: Talking strategy with the billion dollar man. Interview with Martin Summerhayes, Fujitsu, What is in a name? Field Service Management vs. Enterprise Mobility, Service is a global concept, Panel Debate: Tomorrow’s World, Service management is never standard, Special Report: Software in Field Service, Four ways to excel at service in the ‘age of the customer’, How did the Service Management Expo settle into its new home at Exel? The rugged type. Interview with Peter Molyneux, Getac, Transforming support operations with end-to-end field service and meaningful performance reports, A strong sense of community, Making your services profitable, Are you are up to date with the latest trends in field service? Case Study: GRITIT streamlines its operations in the field, Internet of things and field service


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Issue #1Issue #1

The Start of Something Big?


Features Include: The changing landscape of customer service, Best practices organisations have already learned the differences between “less is more” and “more is better”, Go mobile the right way to fully realise the power of GIS, Droning On, Panel debate: All change please! Re-branding for Solarvista is much more than skin deep, Getting SaaSy: Research report, Ensuring true, end-to-end field service performance, A man on a mission: Sergio Barata, Telogis- Interview, What will 3D printing mean for field service? Creating value from services: Where to start? What you should look for when choosing a logistics company, Are you are up to date with the latest trends in field service? Case Study: Triton Showers work with Exel for 21st Century service, Obituary: Steve Downton - A friend, guide and mentor to the whole of the industry


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HLB 2014

The Handy Little Book for Field Service Managers

 Features Include: Are these the final days for rugged laptops? Starting service from scratch, Why is everybody talking about Big Data and field service? Extreme weather events… and increasing threat to business continuity? The year that “Back to Basics” and “Back to the Future” collide? Expect, Exceed, Exel! Company Spotlight: Exel, Eyes in the sky. Case Study: Coastway, Joining the dots with end-to-end field service management. Company Spotlight: mplsystems, Is growth through services both an opportunity and a reality check? Optimising the mobile workforce behind London’s Boris Bikes. Case Study: Serco, Getting to know you… industry events Service Management Expo and Field Service Europe, ServiceMax’s six golden secrets. Company Spotlight: ServiceMax, State of the art solutions twenty five years in the making. Company Spotlight: Tesseract, When things just Click. Company Spotlight ClickSoftware, Purpose built for maximum performance. Company Spotlight: Varlink and Janam, Squaring the circle. Case Study: Equipe, The platform approach. Company Spotlight: Telogis, Packaging up a more sensible field service solutions. Company Spotlight: Parcel Holders, A transatlantic combination. Company Spotlight: SGSA 


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