The  #FSN20 has become something of an industry-wide institution across the many years it has been running. An annual celebration of innovation and excellence amongst the leadership of our industry is of course always well received and compiling the list is an important task we take a lot of pride in. 

However, the 2020/2021 list is perhaps more important than all iterations that have come before it simply as it reflects leadership in the most challenging of times.

Across the industry, as we tried to deal with the pandemic and the impact of the subsequent lockdowns we saw temerity and tenacity, innovation and ingenuity, we saw our leaders standing tall as our industry quietly kept the world turning against all the odds. 

So many in our industry showed exceptional leadership in the last 18 months we genuinely considered extending the list to the #FSN50, or even #FSN100. However, after a lengthy conversation, our industry panel decided to stick to tradition and began the painstaking task of whittling down the huge list we had to 20 leaders across our industry that deserve this acknowledgement the most. 

Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, we are pleased to present this year's #FSN20