Research Debrief: Benchmarking the new normal (40 mins)


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In the widest research report ever conducted by Field Service News we spoke to over 230 field service management professionals worldwide to understand what trends are emerging as we collectively build the new normal. 

Kris Oldland is joined by FieldAware's Marc Tatarsky and Steve Mason to look through the findings in greater detail. In the first part of this two part deep-dive into understanding what the findings of this study mean for the global field service sector the group discuss...

  • The financial impact of the pandemic - 57% of companies have faced issues with customers being unable to pay for services.
  • Introduction of customer prioritisation - 63% of field service companies state that they have had to introduce some level of customer prioritisation as a result of the pandemic and 49% of these believe this approach will remain in place after the pandemic. 
  • Getting closer to the customer - 35% of field service companies state the amount of time they spend communicating with their customers has increased during the pandemic with 67% of  respondents stating they speak to customers at least once a week.  

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ThinkTank Debrief: Digitalization, Servitization, Recovery (1 hour and 47 mins)


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To try to make sense of the rapid change the pandemic has brought to our industry, Field Service News hosted a series of Think Tank sessions, here we dissect those discussions and unpack all the insight from hours of conversations with senior field service leaders...

In the last few months Field Service News, in partnership with ServiceMax have hosted a series of behind closed door Think Tank session which have seen senior field service leaders discuss the challenges of the last few months. In this exclusive session, we breakdown the key points raised and analyse what they mean for the field service sector. Join Kris Oldland, Coen Jeukens, Kieran Notter and Daniel Brabec as they breakdown some of the most important conversations the field service sector to be held in 2020.



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Video Report: The Changing World of Field Service (50 mins)


Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 22.41.00The world of field service is set for huge evolution, but how will we move beyond the status quo and what will the future of our sector look like?

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News and John Hunt, Managing Director, EMEA, Astea (now part of IFS) return to dive deep into some of the key shifts being faced by Field Service Organisations and discuss how Service Leaders should adapt to accommodate these changes.





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Research Debrief: Key Trends Amongst Service-Centric Manufacturers (1 hour 20 mins) 


servicecentric manufacturingA 2019 research study reveals interesting trends amongst service centric manufacturers... 

  • Kris Oldland, Field Service News Editor-in-Chief is joined by John Hunt, Managing Director, EMEA, Astea as they take a deep dive into some of the key insights revealed in a recent research project hosted by Astea (not part of IFS) 

    Some of the key discussion points include:
    How 75% of survey respondents claim service revenue has increased over the last 5 years.
    What can service organisations learn from how the software sector regarding X-as-a-Service?
    Why 84% of survey respondents claim that managing evolving customer expectations is among their biggest 2019 challenges.


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Video Report: Is data a fundamental building block of service excellence? (1 hour and 10 minutes) 


Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 12.57.53We often hear that data is the new oil of the twenty-first century, but does that hold true within a field service context?

  •  In this in-depth session from 2019, featuring Cognito's David Webb and Dave Bochenski as well as Konika Minolta Head of Direct Service Ged Cranny and presented by Field Service News Editor in Chief Kris Oldland we explore the future of field service and ask just how critical the role of good data analytics will be in the future of field service.




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Research Debrief: The Changing Face of the Field Service Engineer (55 mins)


The Changing Face of the Field Service EngineerExclusive Field Service News Research study from 2018 helps us identify what technologies best-in-class companies are utilising to empower their field service engineers...   

  • Kris Oldland, Field Service News, Editor-in-Chief, is joined by ServiceMax from GE's Kieran Notter as they explore the findings of our latest research project which looked at the continuing evolution of the role of the field engineer.

    This follows on from our exclusive report which outlined the findings of the research which involved input from over 125 field service professionals and digs deep into how field service companies are seeking to engage and empower the field workforce of tomorrow... 



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Video Report: Bridging the Gap - The Customer and the Mobile Workforce (25 mins)


Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 13.27.47In an age of digitalisation, connected assets and powerful artificial intelligence has your company bridged the gap between your customers and your mobile workforce? 


In this video report Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined by Scott Flatman, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce and John McCarthy CRM Manager, Daikin Applied UK as they discuss the technology and trends driving field service companies forwards and how Daiken Applied UK are working with Salesforce to improve their own field service delivery...



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Video Report: The Continuing Evolution of Rugged Mobile Computing (40 minutes)


The Continuing Evolution of Rugged Mobile Field Service engineers are increasingly reliant upon the mobile tools that they are provided with - so how do we ensure we are giving them the best tools to do their job? 

  • Kris Oldland, Field Service News Editor-in-Chief is joined by Steve Priestly and Cliff Adams of Xplore Technologies and Bob Ashenbrenner Durable Mobile Technologies for this 2018 video report, as they discuss whether the lines between rugged and consumer devices are blurring, how long companies should be looking to use mobile devices before they become out of date and take a look at Xplore's new 2-1 and handheld rugged devices the X-Book and the M60.


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