WorkWave PestPac Redefines Focus on Customer Experience and End User Engagement

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WorkWave, a leading provider of software solutions for the field service and last-mile delivery industries, recently announced its aim to reestablish its focus on customer experience, both through initiatives that further its position as a strategic partner to its customers, as well as with new features and functionality to promote better end-user engagement. As WorkWave’s customers are looking to not only run their businesses with ease but also grow and expand, WorkWave is committed to providing the tools and insight to enable their customers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Along with its reestablished commitment to customers across multiple fronts, WorkWave is rolling out updated features that have a fresh, new look and feel, as well as new WorkWave PestPac® branding.

“WorkWave solutions have always enabled pest control companies to run seamlessly through its end-to-end platforms,” said Marne Martin, CEO of WorkWave. “Based on our experience and leadership in the space, we are now in a position to take our relationships to the next level and not only be a solution, but also a strategic partner enabling our customers to grow their businesses and provide the best possible service to their end customers.”

In an effort to increase WorkWave PestPac’s focus on bolstering the value it provides to its customers, WorkWave is holding an Executive Advisory Board during PestWorld. This meeting includes senior leadership from the top 15 pest control companies in the world, allowing WorkWave to have access to constructive feedback and industry insight, staying ahead of where the customer needs it to be. WorkWave also put in place its new Customer Success teams and initiatives, which combine customer relationship management and intricate product knowledge to help create and sustain solid relationships with its customers.

To help its customers differentiate themselves against the competition, WorkWave PestPac also unveiled a number of new features that are geared toward the end user, ensuring that they are receiving timely and quality service, and keeping them coming back for more.

These features include:


  • Sales Assistant: A convenient way for customers to select, schedule and pay for services right through a pest control operator’s website. Sales assistant provides 24/7 customer accessibility to a business online.
  • Route Op: Includes a new visual optimization tool that allows the user to make subtle adjustments to routes, as well as a new flexible workday calendar to add custom dates or holiday schedules. With Route Op, users have the ability to compare cost statistics, view drive time and mileage from each stop, and edit constraints right from the map.
  • CustomerConnect Portal: Features a dashboard that provides convenient access to important documents and bills through targeted communications.
  • EPay: A simplified payment process where the customer will receive their invoice via text or email, allowing for payment right through the link with no login.


These new features enable pest control companies to put the customer first and provide ways to ensure differentiation between their business and the competition. This not only enables pest control companies to succeed in the marketplace but also to expand and grow.


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