White Paper Overview: Understanding Crowd Service Solutions: The Evolution Of Field Service

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Resource Type: White Paper
Published by:  Coresystems
Title: Understanding Crowd Service Solutions: The Evolution Of Field Service



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Understanding-Crowd-Service-Solutions-Coresystems.pdf-1Companies looking to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the rapid advancement of digitalization in their respective industries have long been concerned with Field Service Management (FSM).

They have reimagined their business philosophies around the conviction that customer satisfaction is a major priority and that new innovations are also shifting customer demands. Innovative CEOs and service executives know that FSM software alone will not be enough to meet real-time service expectations and needs.

They are looking to something with the groundbreaking potential to revolutionise the services industry and customer experience. They are turning to crowd service solutions. What promises does crowd service offer the field services industry?

How can you use them to improve brand loyalty? Why will they be the only way forward in the age of IoT?

This white paper outlines the premise that the only way forward is to combine field service management with crowd service technology


The white paper explores three key areas in establishing the case for a new crowd sourced approach to field service that leverages the growing 'gig-economy' in order to meet growing customer demands whilst reducing operational costs for field service organisations.

The Service Executive Bible: What Matters Most

It is only logical that service executives would be primarily concerned with optimising the customer experience.

In fact, a study conducted to determine key issues facing service executives in comparison to other business executives highlighted how much CSOs value customer satisfaction over other KPIs.

However, with the manpower currently available to them, CSOs are running up against a brick wall. In order to continue achieving their aim of consistent customer satisfaction improvement rates, they need a bigger team of technicians and experts who can keep up with the new pace being set by the latest innovations in technology. The trend is heading towards crowd services.

It will soon be the only way to meet the demands of a growing workload.

The Evolution Of Field Service

Just as the rise of machines gave rise to more advanced and capable machines, so to have field services evolved over the years. What used to be an analog process of collecting and sharing information about customers and devices, has now become automated, and in some cases completely digitalized.

This has in large part been the response to the need for more streamlined and efficient processes. FSM software ensures that everyone is on the same page: the company, the technicians, the customers.

The white paper explores the development of FSM in depth focussing on:

  • The Way It Used To Be: The Analog Approach
  • Today’s Standard: Field Service Management In The 21st Century
  • Where We Are Headed: Crowd Service And Predictive Maintenance

Crowd Service Technology

A crowd service is a pool of skilled, freelance service technicians who are available to respond to service calls when needed. These crowd service technicians possess the necessary IT know-how to address various technical issues. Thanks to field service management software, they also have access to internal company manuals, tutorials and videos as well as to customer and device/machine specifics for getting the job done quickly and effectively.



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