Volvo Trucks announce first commercial autonomous transport solution

Nov 21, 2018 • Autonomous VehiclesBrønnøy Kalk ASDriverless vehiclesFeaturesfield servicefield service managementlogisticsmobile workforce managementService LogisticsService ManagementvideoVolvo Trucks

In a landmark agreement between Volvo Trucks and Norwegian mining company Brønnøy Kalk AS, six autonomous Volvo FH trucks will transport limestone over a five-kilometre stretch in a mine. Tests of this solution have been carried out successfully and will continue throughout 2018 to become fully operational by the end of 2019.

The deal represents Volvo Trucks’ first commercial autonomous transport solution that will run in a real operation. It is a new solution whereby the customer buys a transport service where Volvo Trucks takes full responsibility for the delivery of the limestone to the crusher.

Whilst we may be still some way from seeing autonomous vehicles being used in service logistics, this is an interesting and possibly pivotal new development.


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