Field Service News live at Service Management Expo 2014 – Isobel van der Vegt, SGSA

Jul 28, 2014 • videoIsobel Van der Vegtlive at smeService Management ExpoSGSATraining

As the organisers of the Field Service Solutions Theatre at this year’s Service Management Expo, Field Service News was on hand to speak exclusively to a number of leading industry professionals straight as they stepped off the theatre podium. In this video series we are pleased to bring you the highlights from the Field Service Solutions Theatre.

Here we hear from Isobel Ven der Vegt giving us an overview of what field service managers need to do in order to get the most out of the training they give their staff beyond just booking them onto the course. This includes analysis and evaluation of training as well as something Van der Vegt defines as the transfer of learning to ensure that what is being developed in the class room is taking into the field.