Verizon Launch Digital Tachograph Tool

Apr 11, 2019 • Fleet TechnologyNewsfleet safetyVerizon Connectfleet

Application will enable Fleet Managers to monitor driver activity helping with tachograph compliance.

Verizon Connect has announced the launch of a digital tachograph tool that shares information with fleet managers including driving times and rest periods.

A digital tachograph is a device that records speed, distance and driver activity; data, which when used correctly, can ensure European Tachograph regulation is adhered to.When this data is used with Verizon Connect's fleet management platform users can save time, improve processes and remain compliant, the firm says.

“One of the biggest challenges for fleet managers is helping drivers understand their tacho status so customers aren’t losing time and money by pulling drivers off the road to manually download tachograph files from trucks,” said Derek Bryan, EMEA vice president, Verizon Connect. “Digital Tacho Live View provides the visibility necessary to access driver data quickly and easily, helping managers make quick and informed decisions, produce more accurate plans and receive advanced warning of infringements.”