Verizon Launch Digital Monitoring Tool for Light Commercial Vehicles

Apr 02, 2019 • Fleet TechnologyNewsVerizon ConnectGPS Tracking

Tool measures vehicles' health and performance by tracking fuel consumption, distance travelled and diagnostics.
Verizon connect has launched Engine Connect, a tool aimed specifically at Light Commercial Vehicles.

The tool works by gathering data directly from the engine to help prevent mechanical problems. The data is combined with GPS location information and can identify driver behaviour linked to fuel costs. Software automatically keeps VIN records updated and can receive diagnostics trouble code alerts, the company says.

Engine Connect gives fleet managers a complete view of their vehicles' performance, enabling them to identify potential vehicles' issues before they become costly," said Derek Bryan, VP EMEA at Verizon Connect. "With a better understanding of vehicle performance, we can help customers save time and money in the future and provide them with peace of mind knowing their vehicles are running optimally."