Turning Millennials Into Service Technicians

Apr 15, 2015 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld Servicemillenialsinfographicservicemax

We’ve all seen the statistics on how Millennials are set to dominate the workforce by 2020. Individual companies and entire industries are starting to cater to their requirements - from collaborative business centres and “social lobbies” for networking/relaxation, to rooms equipped with the latest technology.  Businesses are embracing this new generation, and harnessing the power of their sheer numbers.

It’s been said that this generation is needy, entitled, narcissistic, and often tough to manage, but they can also bring a new element to business, representing a driving force and competitive weapon that can be used to differentiate your organisation, strengthen the connection between you and your customer, and further the revenue and bottom line growth for your company.

Their attributes are actually a good fit for a career in the field service industry. Our entire civilisation now depends on field service technicians to maintain the very machines that keep our world running. Given the profitability potential that field service now has to drive meaningful revenue in a fledging economy where product shelf life is being extended rather than replaced, a career in field service gives Millennials the potential to both make money and make a difference.

The infographic below published by ServiceMax outlines how to the service industry can appeal to Millennials as a career path, and the changes in motivational drivers.


30.3 Millenials-Infographic-EMEAa


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