TruTrac Launch Compliance Control Software

May 27, 2019 • Fleet TechnologyNewsfleet technologyfleet

Tachograph and compliance software firm unveils new integrated product. 

TruTrac's re-designed TruLicence system enables operators to validate, monitor and control key driving licence and CPC compliance information.

The software combines driver licence verification and validity checks with tachograph and general compliance data for complete control. The dashboard includes widgets and alerts to highlight licence issues and potential at-risk drivers with areas of concern.

The firm made the announcement at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show where they also launched CPT Licence Check; the same effective and TruLinks - an API suite which gives developer access to key data, while removing the need for manual intervention or data duplication.

Commenting on the newly introduced products, TruTac’s Commercial Director, Jemma James said: “This was a great show for us and we were delighted to see so many friends – old and new – come along to see for themselves the wide range of operational and commercial benefits our latest compliance control solutions have to offer. Launching our third product in partnership with the CPT has also made it a show to remember.”