Trimble and Shell Join Forces to Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

Nov 25, 2015 • Fleet TechnologyNewsEuroShell cardfleet managementTrkimble

There is growing awareness in field service companies that fleet management can have a significant impact on the efficiency of their operations. Fuel costs is a core part of that, yet keeping track of fuel purchases can be time-consuming.  Fleet management solution provider Trimble is partnering with fuel company Shell in a solution which utilises the euroShell fuelcard to provide fleet managers with integrated data for monitoring and reducing fuel consumption.

Shell is building partnerships with field service management software providers to integrate fuel purchase data into operations management systems - last week Field Service News reported on the company's collaboration with TomTom.

Trimble's Performance Solution combines data from the Trimble on-board computer with the Performance Portal, making it possible for users to monitor and analyse drivers, vehicles and fuel consumption all through one single portal. With this innovative analysis tool, fleet managers can control at a glance the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) most relevant to them.

Performance Solution is a user-friendly system with graphical displays, flexibly adjustable parameters and an in-depth analysis functionality. In addition, the Web-based Performance Portal has been enhanced with smart algorithms. The evaluation of driving behaviour is centred on actual driving information such as speed, stationary, braking behavior.   Users can monitor the KPIs relevant to them and provide drivers with a record of their driving performance in a PDF format.

Driver coaches can zoom in on different KPIs for detailed information, while managers can consult a dashboard for a larger perspective.

"Performance Solution can easily be integrated and extended with our other fleet management solutions for a tailor-made total solution," said Michel Van Maercke, general manager, Trimble Transport & Logistics, EMEA and Pacific Asia.

"Our customers affirm that telematics is essential to good fleet management," said Robert Springer, Sales Manager Shell Commercial Fleet Netherlands. "After extensive research on the changing needs of our customers as well as evaluating solutions available in Europe, we are convinced that Trimble offers a telematics solution that meets the needs of our customers."



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