To Build or Buy AI: Sysmex Shares Top Considerations for Service Leaders

May 22, 2020 • NewshealthcareAquant

Join the webinar to hear how a leader in healthcare diagnostics is implementing AI tools.

As the medical device space shifts to more specialized equipment, organizations are increasingly turning to AI-powered tools to ensure maximum uptime for mission-critical equipment. For those who manufacture and service these machines, debate hinges on whether to build or buy AI platforms. Join the webinar Sysmex America, Inc. and Aquant to hear about the journey choosing AI tools.

In the live webinar, learn how Adan Deroche and Peter Tregarthen of Sysmex America, Inc., a leader in healthcare diagnostic solutions, took steps to:

  • Assess the benefits and drawbacks of internal development versus using an AI vendor
  • Uncover and analyze free text service information to drive meaningful outcomes in service delivery
  • Work with Aquant to determine a roadmap for success by combing the knowledge of employee experts with the output of the tool’s AI-powered solutions.

Sign up here for the live webinar. We’ll be walking through Symex’s AI journey and are available to answer your questions.

What: Live Webinar with Sysmex America, Inc. and Aquant

When: June 9, 2020 @ 12 PM EDT

How: Register now

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