Tis the season of Field Service competitions

Dec 15, 2014 • NewsCompetitionsFSN20Future of FIeld ServiceClickSoftwareservicemax

Yes we have reached that time of the year when various competitions are rolled our left right and centre.The best business card in field service, thre best uniform in field service, the cleanest field service fleet and so on and so forth...

However, there are three competitions that have caught our eye of late so we thought we'd share with the class...

ServiceMax's are collecting worst ever field service engineer visits....

As the folks at ServiceMax quite rightly point out field service technicians keep the world running, but they perhaps don't get appreciated all the the time. So the team at ServiceMax are collecting your best( or should that be worst?) field service anecdotes (in strictest confidentiality of course) and have commissioned award winning artist Jerry King to create a series of customised cartoons based on the anecdotes selected

Find out more and enter here

ClickSoftware look for the most extreme field service engineers out there...

ClickSoftware mean while are launching a competition to find the field service professionals that work in the most extreme locations around the world. This is olne that is sure to turn up some interesting answers from the Arctic to the Sahara there are field engineers just about everywhere! There is also some serious money being given to charity of the back of this with each winner allowed to donate £1,000.00 (or local equivalent) to the charity of their choice - good job ClickSoftware.

Find out more and enter here 

Field Service News launch the #FSN20 - make your nominations now!

OK so this didn't so much catch our eye as it's our own competition. And it's not a competition as such... more a celebration of the great and the good of our industry but this year is the launch of the inaugural Field Service News 20. A list of the 20 most influential people working in field service. It could be analysts, commentators, the head of a specific provider that has changed the way your company operates, your boss, a former boss who ever you nominate we'll look into them and see if they can make a place on the list.

We don't promise it'll be the most scientific process, and there are no prizes available, just the awesome sense of well being for saying well done to someone who has helped you, no matter how inadvertently in you working life.

So take two minutes and make a nomination now


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