The End of Diagnostic Trees and Restrictive, Step-by-Step Procedures

Oct 12, 2020 • NewsDigital TransformationtechnologyTweddle Group

Tweddle Group today launched its new Integrated Diagnostic Explorer software—or IDEx—to enable faster, more accurate diagnostics for a wide range of industries.

Tweddle Group's Chief Executive Officer Pat Aubrynsaid IDEx will serve a dual purpose. "We designed IDEx with two goals in mind," Aubry said. "We wanted to make diagnostics easier and more accurate for technicians. And we wanted to make it easier for manufacturers to create and publish good diagnostic information."

Traditional diagnosis relies on rigid diagnostic trees and procedures, but real-world diagnosis is far more nuanced. IDEx uses sophisticated AI algorithms to help technicians quickly get to the root cause of even the most complex cases.

IDEX helps technicians isolate the root case quickly and accurately

"We spent a lot of time with technicians in the field. Then we asked ourselves, 'What would the diagnostic process look like if we could change the status quo and design it from scratch?' That line of questioning led to IDEx," said Tweddle Group Director of Product Development Justin Dickow. "IDEx thrives on complex issues. Our diagnostics engine adapts the troubleshooting steps in real-time, to help get you to the root cause as fast as possible."

Manufacturers will no longer need to write detailed, step-by-step diagnostic procedures. "Today, these procedures are costly and time-consuming to author, and the results are often inaccurate," Justin said. "IDEx will reduce the cost and effort of developing and distributing diagnostic information. It will also reduce the time spent on diagnostics and minimize errors in repair."


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