Telogis delivers intelligent appointment scheduling to tighten supply and service chains

Apr 25, 2014 • FeaturesCV SHowOptimisationschedulingService Management Expotelogis

As the general public continue to raise their expectations for service call and delivery times to fit within their own personal schedules the ability to make supply and service chains ever more effective and dynamic is likely to be the difference between those companies that thrive and those that are left behind. 

Technology is of course a major enabler in allowing companies to meet these demands and Telogis have just launched a further extension of their already comprehensive, cloud-based, location intelligence software platform. The new module is called Telogis Appointment and will be revealed at this years Commercial Vehicle show at the NEC next week (running from the 29th to 31st May) Appointment is the latest addition to theTelogis Route Planning Suite

Telogis Appointment improves customer service by allowing consumers to choose delivery windows that are most convenient for them while also being most cost effective for the deliverer. It helps shipping companies reduce turnaround times by matching delivery slots to customers’ open times to receive goods, and automates ETAs to the receiving parties via text or email – all in real time.

“Businesses that embrace a customer-centric service model and implement mobile and location intelligence technologies aimed at expediting, improving and personalising the customer experience will ultimately grow market share and remain competitive,” said Newth Morris, Telogis co-founder and president, Telogis Route and Navigation. “By providing a higher level of service to their own customers, Telogis’ customers benefit from increased fuel savings, mobile worker productivity and profits.”


Intelligent Appointment Scheduling that Maximises Profitability

When customers interact with online scheduling tools or speak with a customer service representative by phone, Telogis Appointment will provide a choice of available appointments based on pre-determined criteria such as delivery cost, available resources, proximity of existing vehicles and resource capabilities of technicians or delivery specialists.

Telogis’ integrated work order management, routing and scheduling programs provide customer service representatives with optimised appointment times/windows that allow the customer to choose a time that works best for them. This dynamic back-office coordination takes into account factors such as vehicle location, onboard tools, skill sets, routing and schedule, and only presents appointment options that will be profitable.

Telogis Appointment also delivers integration to/from existing Customer Resource Management (CRM) or other customer service portals and initiates a call to/from appropriate applications in order to present profitable appointment options.


An Integrated Platform Approach

Telogis’ platform approach for any mobile enterprise gives customers a seamless, integrated SaaS solution on which to build a more productive, efficient and compliant fleet and manage all aspects of their mobile operations. The Telogis platform combines strategic and dynamic planning, advanced mobile apps that log delivery drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) and other compliance requirements plus easy-to-build mobile forms, commercial navigation and telematics.

Now in version 6.0, the Telogis Route Planning Suite supports static, fixed-route and territory planning as well as dynamic routing, routing support specifically for vehicles carrying hazardous materials and commercial trucks. This enables Telogis customers to be more responsive and provide a higher level of service for their own customers. The Telogis Route Planning Suite ensures that plans are built so that key customers are visited regularly and operations teams can more effectively manage last-minute jobs, resulting in increased efficiency, revenue and overall customer satisfaction.

As well as appearing at the CV Show next week Telogis will also be appearing at this years Service Management Expo which is in London's Excel on June 17th,18th & 19th and will be giving a presentation during the Field Service Solutions Theatre which Field Service News is proud to be hosting.