How Asia is the New up and Coming Stage for Field Service

May 30, 2019 • Featuresfuture of field serviceWBRfield service asia

WBR Asia’s Wendy Zheng, explains why the Asia Pacific region has become a hot bed of field service innovation...

Benchmarking The Changing Face of Field Service

May 02, 2019 • Featuresfuture of field serviceWBR

The world we live and work is changing fast, being pushed forward by rapid technological evolution. Becky Johnson reviews key industry data to see what trends we need to be focusing on...

Talent, Service and Digital Transformation:  Benchmarking the Changing Face of Field Service

Apr 10, 2019 • FeaturesManagementCustomer ServiceFuture of FIeld ServiceWBRDigital TransformationField Service Events

Hot on the heels of its launch last year, Field Service Connect 2019 focuses on the UK field service industry and its challenges, bringing fresh insights and differing perspectives to this often under-appreciated sector.

Next-Generation Challenges & Business Applications for Field Service Companies

Oct 02, 2018 • FeaturesAsteaConnected Field ServiceFuture of FIeld ServiceWBRfield servicefield service managementIoTService Management

Adopting IoT as part of the greater service and business environment involves keeping up with industry changes as they take place. 

4 Make-You-Or-Break- You Trends Driving 2019 Service Objectives

Apr 25, 2018 • FeaturesArtificial intelligenceAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld ServiceWBRbig dataField Service USASara Mueller

Sara Mueller, Field Service Portfolio Director, WBR looks at how the rapid evolution of service excellence is a double-edged sword of opportunity and challenges...

The Evolution Of Service Technology Still Requires A Human Touch… For Now

Oct 03, 2017 • FeaturesArtificial intelligenceAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld Serviceparts managementWBRSara Mueller

Sara Mueller, Field Service Portfolio Director, WBR, discusses why despite the growing importance of technology within our industry, the critical balance between using automation to meet tightening SLAs and losing the important human touch points...

Mergers and Acquisitions: Why has field service management become a hot ticket for investment?

May 11, 2017 • FeaturesMichael BlumbergWBRBill PollockBlumberg AdvisoryClickSoftwareIFSSara MuellerservicemaxservicepowerSoftware and AppsStrategies for GrowthSM

Within the last twelve months we have seen a sudden rush of Merger and Acquisition activities within the field service sector with many major brands including ServiceMax, ClickSoftware and most recently ServicePower all being acquired. So why has...

Live at Field Service Medical 2017 ft. Tom De Vroy, IFS

Mar 14, 2017 • videoMedical DevicesWBRField Service MedicalhealthcareIFSIoTSoftware and AppsTom De Vroy

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief talks exclusively to Tom De Vroy, Senior Product Evangelist, Field Service Management with IFS at the Field Service Medical conference to find out why they were involved within the Field Service Medical sector, what...

Live at Field Service Medical 2017 ft. Jonathan Massoud, WBR

Mar 07, 2017 • videoFuture of FIeld ServiceJonathan MassoudWBRfield serviceField Service MedicalField Service USAhealthcare

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief talks exclusively to Jonathan Massoud, Divisional Director, Field Service, WBR about the key topics and discussions that took place at Field Service Medical held at Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego.

#fsn20 - The 20 most influential people in field service: 2017 edition (page 1)

Mar 06, 2017 • FeaturesAston Centre for Servitization Research and PracticopperbergCranfield UniversityFSN20Future of FIeld ServiceJonathan MassoudMark BrewerMark HolleranWBRXplore TechnologiesBill PollockDr John Erkoyuncufield servicefield service europeField Service ForumField Service MedicalField Service SummitField Service USAIFSStrategies for GrowthSMsumair duttaThe Service CouncilThosas Igoutim baines

Who are the most influential people in the global field service sector that you need to pay attention to in 2017?

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