PGA use Intermec and Scan Read for in the field data capture (2/2)

Nov 08, 2013 • Case Studiesfield serviceHandheld ComputingHardwareIntermecPGAvideo

In the second of this two-part series, the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) discusses their volunteer program, data capture using the Intermec CN50 and CK71, the services of Scan Read Technologies, and what it takes to pull off PGA events.

The driver distraction app from Romex that could save lives

Nov 08, 2013 • driver distractionfield servicefleet managementFleet TechnologyNewsromexvideo

Romex's new Driver Distraction Prevention mobile app offers a simple, cost effective and easy way to prevent the use of mobile phones for calling, texting, emailing or social media whilst driving. The only exception being emergency calls e.g....

Aubrey Fox on "the changing role of Field Service"

Nov 07, 2013 • Aubrey Foxfield serviceField Service NewsLogisticsTrimbleUncategorizedvideo

Trimble Field Service Management's Aubrey Fox discusses the changing role of field service.

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