A new reality awaits: are AR and VR the next big platforms?

Mar 29, 2018 • FeaturesAugmented RealityDaniele PeFuture of FIeld ServiceVirtual RealityDelta PartnersGunish ChawlaIrish Monipistechnology

Gunish Chawla and Daniele Pe, Senior Principals and Irish Manipis, Senior Business Analyst at Delta Partners have published a deep and far-reaching exploration of exactly how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are set to become key platforms...

Extreme field service: Life at Sea vs. Life in Space

Jul 13, 2016 • FeaturescommunicationsconnectivitySpace communicationstechnologyTechnology

With a strong Wi-Fi signal and your trusty smartphone, it’s easy to stay connected on land,  but how do communications  change when you’re in the middle of the ocean or orbiting in space?

Functionality vs. Technology

Aug 14, 2014 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field servicetechnologyAsolvi

Colin Brown, Managing Director, Tesseract takes a look at the difference between functionality and technology and why technologies must learn to adapt and evolve if they are to continue to thrive...

The internet of things and field service...

May 12, 2014 • FeaturesCore SystemsFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field serviceInternet of ThingstechnologyTechnology

The Internet of Things has certainly gained momentum recently but what does it mean to the Field Service Industry? Kris Oldland, Editor of Field Service News looks at how it could impact the industry and at a first generation of IoT field service...

White Paper: “The five stages of field service evolution”

Mar 26, 2014 • FeaturesManagementresourcesWhite PaperWhite Papers & eBookssolarvistatechnology

Across the last couple of years there have been a number of recurring themes coming out of varying research projects looking at the field service industry.


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