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SFG℠ Launch Annual Field Service Management Tracking Survey

Mar 06, 2020 • future of field serviceBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSMSFG


Annual survey requires input from industry.

Making the Case for Moving to Remote Expertise Service Delivery

Jan 27, 2020 • Featuresremote serviceBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSMSurvey

Bill Pollock extrapolates some of the key findings from a survey focused on remote expertise. 

SFG℠ Launch Remote Expertise Benchmark Survey

Dec 17, 2019 • Newsfuture of field serviceremote serviceBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSMSurvey

Participants required for Inaugural benchmark survey. 

IFS Adds Astea to its World

Nov 06, 2019 • FeaturesAsteafuture of field serviceMergers and AcquisitionsBill PollockIFSStrategies for GrowthSM

Bill Pollock presents an analyst's take on IFS' recent acquisition of Astea International.

SFG Launch Servitization Benchmark Survey

Aug 01, 2019 • Newsfuture of field serviceBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSMSurvey

Sector insight required for Strategies For Growth℠'s 2019 Servitization Journey Benchmark Survey.   

Measuring and Improving Your Own Customer Service Performance

Jul 22, 2019 • FeaturesManagementBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSMCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

To paraphrase Peter Drucker, we cannot manage what we do not measure and of course we cannot improve what we cannot manage. So it is handy to have such a highly regarded industry analyst as Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for GrowthSM, on...

Does Your FSM Initiative Require a “Mid-Course Correction”?

Jun 13, 2019 • FeaturesManagementFSMBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSM

Momentum is the missing ingredient that so many field service organisations overlook when planning for success writes Bill Pollock...

The Enemy of Excellence is Good Enough

May 22, 2019 • FeaturesFuture of field servciceBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSM

In an exclusive interview with Field Service News, Bill Pollock reflects on the key findings around Customer Satisfaction from the latest Strategies for GrowthSM benchmarking study and reveals that there is plenty of room for improvement...

SLM May Be Transformative For Your Field Services Organisation

Apr 30, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementStrategies for GrowthStrategies for GrowthSM

In a world of fast-paced ever shifting sands where great service quickly becomes standard, and what you did yesterday, can easily become not good enough for tomorrow, field service organisations need to be able to adapt, evolve and transform...
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