Field Service News Research Highlights Challenges with IoT Data

Mar 19, 2020 • NewsKPIsresearchfield service managementInternet of ThingsIoTservice KPIsIndustry 4.0Key Performance Indicator

Field Service News Research identifies trends amongst field service organisations and the Internet of Things when it comes to the KPIs...

The Changing Numbers of Field Service KPIs

Mar 05, 2020 • NewsKPIsresearchfield service managementservice KPIsKey Performance Indicator

Field Service News research reveals a trend for increasing the numbers of service related KPIs... 

Research Report: KPIs in Field Service Benchmarking Survey (part two)

Oct 30, 2019 • FeaturesManagementKris OldlandResearchservice KPIsService Metrics

In the first part of this  research report we explored how many KPIs field service companies are tracking and how often we should be reviewing these metrics. Now in the concluding part of this report we explore how...

Finding the measure that drives your service business

Apr 22, 2016 • FeaturesManagementKPIsmanagementNick Frankservice KPIs

Nick Frank, Founding Partner at Si2 Partners, discusses the importance of understanding the metrics you are measuring to asses both internal performance and external perceptions of your service delivery in the eyes of your customers, and how the...

Prepare to meet your 2016 service KPIs

Oct 12, 2015 • Featuresfield service managementIFSservice KPIsSLAsSoftware and Apps

As our focus begins to shift towards next year planning it is important that we are able to assess and interpret the data we have gathered across the year, but your data is only as good as its application,  writes Tom Bowe, IFS


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