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Building a Strategic Services Plan for Meeting Customer Expectations

Oct 01, 2020 • FeaturesService Innovation and Design

As the sad news of the passing of field service industry legend Bill Pollock still hits home, Field Service News is proud to continue to shine a light on his insights that so many in the industry have learnt from. Here we hear Bill's thoughts on...

Best Practices for Increasing Service Contract Revenue

Jul 10, 2020 • FeaturesresearchMizeService Innovation and Design

Michael Blumberg offers us an exclusive analysis of the research he has recently conducted to identify trends amongst service organisations when it comes to service contract revenue that shows the secret is 'all about the asks'...

Time to Raise the Bar in Field Service

Jul 09, 2020 • FeaturesStrategies for Growth SMLeadership and StrategyService Innovation and Design

Now is absolutely the time we need to start treating our Business to Business Accounts the same as our Business to Customers accounts writes Strategies for GrowthSM Bill Pollock...

Do Social Bubbles Show the Way for Service Bubbles Post Covid-19?

Jul 08, 2020 • Featuresfield awareFieldAwareCovid-19Service Innovation and Design

As our industry is desperately seeking avenues to return to normality, FieldAware’s COO Steve Mason brings to the table an interesting solution...

Service Strategy: Future-Proof Your Ops With A Field Service Hub

Jun 02, 2020 • FeaturesService Innovation and Designmark tatarsky

Marc Tatarsky from FieldAware argues the case for a Field Service Hub as part of a field service strategy. 

Innovative Service Success from Silicon Valley

May 15, 2020 • FeaturesService Innovation and Designworldwide

What can we learn from the social environment of silicon valley and can it be adapted to service? Mark Glover finds out more...

Diversify Your Innovation to Boost Growth

Mar 25, 2020 • FeaturesManagementJan Van VeenmoreMomentumLeadership and StrategyService Innovation and Design

Jan Van Veen, founder of moreMomentum, outlines a crucial approach he has been developing within his peer-sharing community to help service organisations grow through innovation and diversification...

Selling Preventive Maintenance as a Value Add

Feb 11, 2020 • FeaturesmanagementPredictive maintenanceService Innovation and Design

Understanding the various ways in which your customers may perceive value from your services is crucial if you are to be able to effectively sell preventative maintenance based service solutions to them, writes Coen Jeukens...

Reduce Risks of Service Innovation by Experiments

Oct 30, 2019 • FeaturesManagementJan Van VeenService DesignServitizationService Innovation and Design

With experiments you can test all critical assumptions and success factors of your service innovations, get better data and take better decisions before scaling up investment and implementation. As a result, you will only pursue the viable and...

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