Syncron Uptime Accelerates Manufacturers’ Transition from After-Sales Service to Products-as-a-Service

Nov 27, 2019 • Software & AppsNewsSaaSServitizationSyncronServitization and Advanced Services

New, cloud-based solution leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to predict failures and maximize product uptime, ultimately enabling servitization...

Ideagen acquire Health and Safety Compliance firm Optima Diagnostics

Oct 31, 2019 • Newshealth and safetySaaS

The UK-based global software firm announce £1.8 million acquisition of Optima Diagnostics Ltd.

BlueprintCPQ Announce Servitization Product

Oct 30, 2019 • Software & AppsNewsSaaSServitizationSoftware and Apps

BlueprintCPQ launch SaaS solution that supports servitization transformation.

Balancing the 'S' Equation in SaaS…

Aug 20, 2019 • FeaturesSoftware & AppsFieldAwareSaaS

FieldAware’s Marc Tatarsky explains what field service companies should expect from the software companies they are working with...

Why Cloud Computing Has Been The Greatest Driver Of Service Excellence Ever...

Nov 09, 2018 • FeaturesManagementCloud computingfield servicefield service managementfield service technologySaaSService DeliveryService ManagementSoftware as a ServiceSmall to Medium EnterprisesSMBAsolviManaging the Mobile Workforce

The advent of Cloud computing has had a profound effect on field service management.

Building a case for investment in service technology - Return on Investment...

Oct 23, 2018 • FeaturesManagementKevin McNallycloudfield servicefield service managementfield service technologySaaSService ManagementSoftware and AppsSoftware as a ServiceBuilding a case for investmentAsolviManaging the Mobile Workforce

Kevin McNally, Sales Director for Asolvi gives us a sneak preview of a forthcoming white paper that outlines how to build a case for investment in Field Service Management systems by outlining how Return On Investment is such a fundamental part...

NIBE Hots Up Service Levels with Maxoptra Dynamic Scheduling Software

Jul 09, 2018 • NewsMaxoptraNIBEPhil HurleyWorkforce Schedulingclouddynamic schedulingSaaSSoftware and AppsSustainable Energyutilities

NIBE, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable energy products, is using Maxoptra to manage its nationwide field service operation.

Field Service Management and the Cloud: Subscription-Based Models Versus Perpetual Licensing

Jun 09, 2017 • FeaturesPerpetual LicenceIFSSaaSSoftware and AppsTom DeVroy

Tom DeVroy, Senior Product Evangelist for field service management in North America, at IFS explores the relative benefits of Software as-a-Service (SaaS) and perpetual licensing models for FSM, and argues that businesses need to choose the...

Coffee in the Cloud: GMS Espresso teams up with Tesseract

May 06, 2016 • NewsSaaSSoftware and Appssoftware and appsAsolvi

GMS Espresso has woken up and smelled the coffee. In order to bolster its efficiency and lay strong foundations for the future, it is teaming up with Tesseract.

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