Rugged Decoded: Is rugged always the best option?

Feb 10, 2016 • FeaturesHardwarefit-for-purposeruggedRugged DecodedTCO

In this new series we’ll be exploring mobile device specifications, helping organisations decide what’s essential for their field service operations and what’s “nice-to-have-but-not-critical”. In this first article, we ask: is rugged best?

Hands-On: Rugged computer buyer's checklist

Sep 07, 2015 • FeaturesHardwarePDAEDAhardwareruggedRugged computersRugged devicesrugged smartphonesrugged tablets

Our  new Hands On  regular feature focuses on the hardware choices available for field service organisations, from smartphones to tablets.  To set the scene, Sharon Clancy runs through some of the key specification points to consider.

Research Report: Mobility tools in field service 2015 – Part Two

May 05, 2015 • FeaturesHardwareAdvanced Field ServiceresearchResearchwearablesBYODrugged

In the first part of this exclusive research project run in partnership with Advanced Field Service, we looked at the types of mobile devices being used in the field and why it seems that the days of pen and paper are becoming increasingly...

Too much of a good thing? The dangers of excessive protection for rugged tablet PCs

Apr 01, 2015 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computinghardwarerugged

Motion Computing's Ian Davies asks whether we can get too obsessed with specs when it comes to selecting a rugged device and why it's important to get the balance right...

A tale of two markets? Field service and the rugged tablet

Mar 27, 2015 • FeaturesHardwareXploreruggedSandy McCaskie

Xplore Technologies’ Sandy McCaskie asks whether the rising “consumer made rugged” approach can work for field service companies?

Xplore Technologies Secures $2 Million Order from Service Provider to Utilities and Telecommunications Companies

Jan 25, 2015 • HardwareNewsXplorehardwareruggedtablets

Xplore Technologies a manufacturer of powerful, longest-lasting, ultra and fully-rugged tablets, recently announced it has secured a $2 million (US) order for its XC6 DMSR ultra-rugged Windows tablets from a company providing infrastructure...

Samsung ’s first ruggedised B2B Tablet launches in UK

Dec 07, 2014 • HardwareNewshardwareruggedsamsungtablet

Samsung Electronics UK announced late last month that the Galaxy Tab Active is now available in the UK through IT distributor Exertis.  Samsung’s first tablet designed specifically for the B2B market will be available exclusively for six months...

Function that supports process: considerations for selecting the right rugged tablet

Sep 26, 2014 • FeaturesHardwareXplore Technologieshardwareruggedtablets

If we are to select the right mobile device we must look at both the environment and the application to make the intelligent decision argues Xplore Technologies Sandy McCaskie

Damages must be paid for: why it pays to opt for ruggedised tablets

May 27, 2014 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computinghardwareian daviesrugged

Motion Computing's Ian Davies looks at the true value of rugged computing and why going for the cheaper option is a false economy...

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