IFS to Garner data insight on Rolls-Royce aircraft engines

Aug 19, 2019 • NewsIFSRolls RoyceSoftware and Apps

IFS to optimize maintenance scheduling, service and product development through simplified access to Rolls-Royce Trent engine data.

#fsn20 2018 - 20 pioneers driving field service forwards...

Sep 17, 2018 • FeaturesManagementAndy HarrisonRolls RoyceServitizationThrough Life Services

The field service sector is one that has always bred innovation and ingenuity and in today’s business landscape, where boundaries are being continually pushed forward by radical new approaches to service delivery, empowered by a wave of exciting...

Building a blueprint for adopting advanced services....

Jul 24, 2018 • FeaturesAdvanced Services GroupAndy HarrisonAston Centre for Servitization Research and PractiFuture of FIeld Servicefield serviceRolls RoyceService ManagementServitizationServitization ConferenceThrough Life Engineering ServicesServitization and Advanced Services

Rolls Royce’s Andy Harrison has been playing a pivotal role in the Through Life Engineering Services Centre’s work in putting together a blueprint for how organisations can establish advanced services capabilities - a topic he recently discussed...

Are your customer’s holding back your flight to advanced services?

Jul 20, 2018 • FeaturesManagementAli BigdeliMAN UKIshidaRolls RoyceRoss TownsendServitizationThrough Life Servicestim bainesThe View from AcademiaServitization and Advanced Services

Servitization is becoming a huge topic in the field service sector as we see more and more organisations step on a path towards advanced services we must realise that they cannot do it alone, their customers must be prepared to come along on the...

Pathways towards Servitization

Apr 30, 2018 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServiceBusiness TransformationdigitalisationRolls RoyceServitizationServitization Conferencetim baines

Insights from a recent study by the Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School can help you understand if you’re on the right path to advanced services. Professor Tim Baines explains...

Community Service

Oct 20, 2015 • FeaturesAllocate Softwareaston business schoolFuture of FIeld ServicePitney Bowesbig dataInca DigitalRolls RoyceThe Service Community

The UK not-for-profit group The Service Community, run by service professionals with the simple aim of sharing knowledge within the community,  continues to go from strength to strength. Their latest conference held at Aston Business School,...

Viva la revolution

Oct 30, 2014 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServiceNick FrankRolls RoyceServitization

Rolls Royce once reinvented service in the aerospace industry with ‘power by the hour’ they are about to do it again with ‘disruption based availability’ writes Field Service News Editor, Kris Oldland...

Field Service News Industry Interviews: Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce, Part Five

Oct 10, 2014 • videoManagementmanagementNick FrankresourcesVideoRolls Royce

Part Five of an exclusive Field Service News interview with Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce.

Field Service News Industry Interviews: Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce, Part Four

Oct 02, 2014 • videoManagementmanagementNick FrankresourcesVideoRolls Royce

Part Four of an exclusive Field Service News interview with Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce.

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