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APAC Industrial Sector to Benefit Significantly From Edge Computing Growth, Report Shows

Apr 28, 2020 • Newsfuture of field serviceresearch reportAPACEdge ComputingGlobalData

Tech that reduces data lag by is set to grow across region and bring benefits to industrial sector.

Study Shows Fleet Managers Losing Time to Admin Tasks

Apr 03, 2020 • Fleet TechnologyNewsresearch reportVerizon Connectfleet

Research from Verizon Connect shows some managers not utilising technology to offset basic tasks.

Only a Third of Brits Would use Facial Recognition to Purchase Goods, Research Finds.

Jan 30, 2020 • Newsfuture of field serviceresearch reportfacial recognition

Survey of 5000 reveals only 32% are happy about utilising facial recognition to pay for goods and services.

Global Broadband Pricing Report Shows gap Between Rich and Poor Nations

Jan 28, 2020 • ManagementNewsresearch reportGlobal Mobile Broadband

Study of 206 countries reveals vast disparities between rich and poor countries.

Finance Sector is a One-Stop Shop For Attackers, Says Report

Aug 15, 2019 • ManagementNewscyber crimeresearch reportCyber SecurityreportF-secure

F-Secure’s research highlights the broad range of threats facing the global finance industry.

Ericsson Report Busts Myths Surrounding Value of 5G for Consumers

Jul 08, 2019 • News5Gfuture of field serviceresearch reportEricsson

Ericsson has released a new ConsumerLab report - 5G Consumer Potential - which busts industry myths surrounding the value of 5G for consumers and outlines the opportunities available for communications service providers.

Cellular IoT Connections exceeds one billion worldwide, report says

Jul 03, 2019 • Newsfuture of field serviceresearch reportBerg InsightIoTcellular

A new report estimates that the global number of cellular IoT subscribers increased by 70 percent during 2018 to reach 1.2 billion.

Digital disruption set to transform personal mobility

Jun 27, 2019 • NewsATOSfuture of field serviceMobilityresearch reportsupply chaintransport

The UK is on the cusp of a digital revolution in mobility which is forcing the creation of new business models, disrupting trends in personal mobility and reshaping global supply chains according to a report by Atos.

Growing Demand for Improved ROI Through EAM Solutions Projected to Drive Enterprise Asset Management Market

May 08, 2019 • Newsfuture of field serviceresearch reportIoT

Global Revenue to Expand at 7.7% CAGR over 2018-2028.
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