Customer Service in 2020 and Beyond: Global Study Details Reveals the Pandemic’s Lasting Impact

Dec 09, 2020 • NewsResearchSalesforceCovid-19

As the serial crises of 2020 redefine customer engagement, customer service leaders are transforming their operations, accelerating digital transformation, and overhauling their workforce management strategies. That’s according to Salesforce’s...

What do we do now?

Jun 09, 2020 • FeaturesArtificial intelligenceResearchDigital TransformationCovid-19RevTwo

Things seem to be slowly loosening up.  How is your service and support team gearing for how to best support your customers moving forward?  Would you like to know what your peers are thinking? Dave Bennet, VP RevTwo and his colleagues are...

Rugged to be at the Future of Field Service Survey Suggests

Apr 07, 2020 • NewsResearchZebra Technologiesrugged mobile devices

Research by Zebra indicates firms will increase use of rugged devices in next five years.

Application software trends revealed by GlobalData

Feb 27, 2020 • Newsfuture of field servicemobile applicationsResearchGlobalData

Study shows Machine Learning, Cloud and Process Automation key part of software.

Brave New World: Digitalisation and Servitization

Feb 17, 2020 • NewsKPIsResearchfield serviceServitizationKey Performance IndicatorServitization and Advanced Services

In the first part of a new series of features in which we will explore the latest exclusive field service research findings, we explore how KPIs are changing in a world of servitization, IoT and changing demographics... 

Shipments of cellular IoT gateways to reach 8.0 million by 2023

Jan 17, 2020 • Newsfuture of field serviceResearchBerg InsightIoT

Research forecasts IoT gateways, routers and modems shipments will hit 8.0 million by 2023.

Manufacturing industry set for surge in AI investment, IFS research reveals

Jan 06, 2020 • NewsArtificial intelligencefuture of field servicemanufacturingResearchIFS

AI to support automation, support labour shortage and drive upskilling as Industry 4.0 accelerates, study shows.

US Shoppers Apply 'Three Strikes' Rule to Retail

Nov 05, 2019 • ManagementNewsResearchRetailSurveyCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Americans abide by a “three strikes and you’re out” policy when it comes to shopping, according to new research...

Research Report: KPIs in Field Service Benchmarking Survey (part two)

Oct 30, 2019 • FeaturesManagementKris OldlandResearchservice KPIsService Metrics

In the first part of this  research report we explored how many KPIs field service companies are tracking and how often we should be reviewing these metrics. Now in the concluding part of this report we explore how...

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