Outotec’s value pricing journey

Dec 24, 2018 • AftermarketAftermarket PricingcopperbergFeaturesfield servicefield service technologyInventory ManagementLogisticsMartin BrändströmOutotecparts managementPricingService LogisticsSpare Parts Pricing

The process of creating a price that reflects a company’s soft value is truly a journey. Reaching directly into a world where your products and services serve your customers, the value/price journey is an intense process in which companies can...

Secret ways of value based pricing services in B2B markets

Dec 22, 2016 • ArvikFeaturesLucenre UniversityManagementmanagementPricingShaun WestUncategorized

Value based pricing is a hot topic in industry today, but what exactly is it and why is everyone talking about it?


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