Jan 18, 2016 • NewsmplsystemsMSTLNNick Frankresourcesfield service insight UK

Field Service Insight UK is a brand new industry event that will be held on the 9th March 2016 at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, hosted by mplsystems.

The Re-invention of Manufacturing is profoundly changing Field Service

Nov 02, 2015 • FeaturesManagementmanufacturingNick FrankServitization

The world of manufacturing is going through a seismic change with parallels being drawn to the industrial revolution. And as the trend of servitization takes seed the role of the field service engineer takes centre stage and is more important...

Field Service News @ SME - Interviews on Day 1

Aug 28, 2015 • videoNick FrankService Management ExpoServitizationsiemenstomtom

The great and the good of the service management industry came together at this years Service Management Expo held in London's Exel and Field Service News was at the heart of the action hosting the Field Service Solutions Zone.

Want to bring Bold Ideas to Reality: Try Ecosystem thinking

Apr 27, 2015 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServiceMAC SolutionsMicrosystemNick FrankIoT

Have you ever had a great business idea, and found yourself saying ‘Oh that’s just a bit beyond our capability’. Shame, as you have already talked yourself out of it before you have even started!

2015… The year of the S?

Mar 12, 2015 • FeaturesManagementNick FrankIoTServitization

While many IT experts are predicting further big things in IoT this year, Nick Frank suggests they are missing one more vital letter...

Seeing the Wood from the Trees;  A Framework for Successful Service Transformation

Dec 09, 2014 • FeaturesManagementmanagementNick Frank

You may or may not have spotted it  but over the course of the year in my series of features for Field Service News I have been writing a series of articles that describe and outline a framework of the critical attributes and understanding...

The Winning Plan

Nov 19, 2014 • FeaturesManagementNick Frankcase studiesService

In the penultimate part of his series Service Management specialist Nick Frank takes a look for that secret magic formula that creates winning companies in field service.... 

Viva la revolution

Oct 30, 2014 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServiceNick FrankRolls RoyceServitization

Rolls Royce once reinvented service in the aerospace industry with ‘power by the hour’ they are about to do it again with ‘disruption based availability’ writes Field Service News Editor, Kris Oldland...

Field Service News Industry Interviews: Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce, Part Five

Oct 10, 2014 • videoManagementmanagementNick FrankresourcesVideoRolls Royce

Part Five of an exclusive Field Service News interview with Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce.

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