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Mental Health: Understanding the Change Curve we are all Going Through

Jun 16, 2020 • Featureshealth and safetyMartin SummerhayesManaging the Mobile Workforceworldwidemental health

We are all living in completely unknown times. The past couple of months has seen so many changes to the way that we work, rest and play; none of which we would have realised would have such profound effects on us all. For people in services, it...

Five P's to Post-Covid Service Resilience

May 07, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field serviceMartin Summerhayescorona virusCovid-19

Martin Summerhayes offers a take on the five P's business acronym that could help service directors when they switch their infrastructure back on.

PODCAST: Switching Service Back on with Martin Summerhayes

May 07, 2020 • FeaturesMartin SummerhayesPodcastfield servicefield service managementcorona virusCovid-19

Service is now moving from 'reaction' to consolidation; where the global lockdown is loosening, and service is turning back on having been left dormant. How should we approach this new phase?


The Importance of Service Ecosystems

May 04, 2020 • FeaturesMartin Summerhayesfield serviceIT ServicesITSM

The world of IT Services has evolved on many an occasion, however, right now it needs to prepare for another iteration of the new normal for it to continue to thrive writes Martin Summerhayes...

Turning Novices Into Experts

Mar 18, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field serviceMartin Summerhayesapprenticeships

Development from novice to expert is something we need to go through multiple times in our working career. So, why do organisations still struggle with refining this process and what still needs to be done? Martin Summerhayes writes...

Why is Language in Service so Negative?

Jan 06, 2020 • FeaturesManagementMartin Summerhayes

Regular Field Service News contributor Martin Summerhayes suggests the language used in service is too negative and the sector should re-frame its vocabulary as we go into 2020.

Event Review: The Service Community

Nov 29, 2019 • Features3D printingMartin SummerhayesNick FrankThe Service CommunityBSI

Mark Glover sat in on the latest Service Community event where the agenda covered 3D printing, data-driven manufacturing and PAS 280, the beginnings of a British standard for life-cycle engineering services.

Where is the wisdom in the data you have?

Nov 06, 2019 • Featuresfuture of field serviceMartin Summerhayesdata analysisData Management

As a sector we are drowning in data. Filtering it all down to something useful is growing more and more difficult. Here, Martin Summerhayes, outlines a strategy that will keep your head above the ones and zeros.

What is the road ahead for Services?

Nov 01, 2019 • FeaturesManagementFuture of FIeld ServiceMartin Summerhayes

Martin Summerhayes takes us back to the future as he looks at field service past, present and future...

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