PODCAST: Digital Transformation with Michael Blumberg

Feb 21, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field servicemanagementMichael BlumbergDigital TransformationThe Field Service PodcastMize

Regular Field Service News contributor Michael Blumberg makes his debut on the Field Service Podcast and explains why firms should be embarking on a digital transformation journey.

PODCAST: Past, Present and Future with Steve Zannos

Feb 14, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field servicemanagementThe Field Service PodcastSteve Zannos

Steve Zannos, Director, Customer Care, Elextrolux and FSN20 alumni shares his thoughts on service in the latest Field Service Podcast.

Selling Preventive Maintenance as a Value Add

Feb 11, 2020 • FeaturesmanagementPredictive maintenanceService Innovation and Design

Understanding the various ways in which your customers may perceive value from your services is crucial if you are to be able to effectively sell preventative maintenance based service solutions to them, writes Coen Jeukens...

PODCAST: Uberizing Service: The Holy Grail?

Feb 07, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field servicemanagementThe Field Service PodcastUberization of ServicePaul Joesbury

Paul Joesbury, Commercial Operations Director at Homeserve discusses the pitfalls and victories 'Uberizing' can bring to your firm.

Changing of the Guard

Feb 06, 2020 • FeaturesAsteamanagementIFSZack Bergeen

Zack Bergreen, Astea’s outgoing CEO, has nearly 40 years in the service sector. As the firm finally confirms its merger with IFS, Mark Glover speaks to IFS’s Marne Martin to discuss the dynamics of the transition.

Build Your Advanced Service Sales Model

Jan 29, 2020 • Featuresmanagementmore momentumServitizationServitization and Advanced Services

Advanced services need advanced sales models to succeed, says moreMomentum's Jan van Veen.

Freelance Freedom

Jan 29, 2020 • FeaturesmanagementBill PollockRegulationFreelancing

You need to augment your field force with freelancers, but you're concerned about local regulatory compliance – Don’t be! Read this first, says Bill Pollock.

Late payments to UK IT companies double

Jan 27, 2020 • NewsmanagementFinance

IT companies waiting an additional 23 days to be paid for completed work.

Playing it Safe

Jan 27, 2020 • Featureshealth and safetymanagementdriver safetyLone Worker Safety

Health and safety is becoming more prominent in service. Engineers who work remotely are more susceptible to risk and firms are now recognizing the hazards they face daily. Following a Field Service News Think Tank held in London last year which...

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