A Workplace Safety Culture

Feb 27, 2020 • FeaturesManagementFSN ThinkTankhealth and safety

Workplace health and safety has come a long way in recent years. Companies are now more aware of the affect that workplace incidents can have on their employees as well as the financial implications it brings. It’s a shift prompted by stringent...

Lone Working and Driver Safety

Feb 20, 2020 • FeaturesManagementFSN ThinkTankhealth and safetydriver safety

It is an unavoidable fact of field service delivery that our engineers and technicians invariably spend as much time behind the wheel of their vehicle as they do with our customers. Whilst we are all of course trying to reduce ‘screen-time’ as...

Lone Working and Mental Health

Feb 13, 2020 • FeaturesManagementFSN ThinkTankhealth and safety

One of the unfortunate aspects of modern times is the increasing rise in mental health challenges as our society becomes more and more pressurised. Field service engineers and technicians, who are often lone workers are particularly vulnerable to...

UK Research Shows Outdoor Workers are Exposed to 15% More Pollution than Average Londoner

Feb 12, 2020 • ManagementNewshealth and safetylone worker protection

"We are building the evidence base that proves government must act on air quality," says British Safety Council.

Number of monitored lone workers in Europe and North America Predicted to Rise, Report Says.

Feb 11, 2020 • ManagementNewshealth and safetyLone workerlone worker protectionBerg Insight

Number of Devices set to reach 2.2 million by 2023.

Deliver 20/20 Value to your Customers

Jan 30, 2020 • FeaturesManagementStandardsPAS280

Nick Frank outlines the PAS280, a British standard aimed at improving service business.

Will your Field Service Engineers become Rock Stars in 2020?

Jan 28, 2020 • FeaturesManagementMichael BlumbergOptimisation

Michael Blumberg suggests optimising a technician's time can revolutionise your service offering.

Global Broadband Pricing Report Shows gap Between Rich and Poor Nations

Jan 28, 2020 • ManagementNewsresearch reportGlobal Mobile Broadband

Study of 206 countries reveals vast disparities between rich and poor countries.

AfterShokz Launches Customer Portal and Warranty solution powered by Mize

Jan 15, 2020 • ManagementNewsWalker FireWarranty ManagementMize

AfterShokz, the leading manufacturer of bone conduction technology, implements Mize Warranty Management solution to improve Customer Experience and increase warranty, registration and returns processing efficiency.

Avoid the Commodity Trap to Drive Service Growth

Jan 07, 2020 • FeaturesManagementJan Van VeenmoreMomentum

moreMomentum's Jan van Veen suggests service professionals need to avoid the pitfalls around commodity as falling in could lead to missing out on big growth opportunities.

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