The Value Ad of Business Development by Field Service...

Jan 29, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementJim Bastonselling servicebeyond great service

Jim Baston, outlines why companies with strong field service delivery have a huge opportunity to add both value to their customers whilst improving their bottom line by tapping into easy accessible revenue streams...

Reflections On Beyond Great Service

Dec 11, 2018 • Featuresfield servicefield service managementfield service techniciansJim BastonManagementmobile workforce managementSelling Service Beyond Great ServiceService ManagementService Revenue

I was asked recently if my thinking has evolved since writing Beyond GREAT SERVICE, The Technician’s Role in Proactive Business Growth. The book is based on the premise that field service professionals add tremendous value when they use their...

Beyond Great Service: The Results

Sep 14, 2018 • beyond great serviceFeaturesfield servicefield service managementJim BastonManagementmobile workforce managementselling serviceService LeadershipService ManagementService Revenue

In the final feature from our exclusive serialisation of Jim Baston’s excellent industry focused book Beyond Great Service we see the benefits that have resulted in Charlie’s efforts to establish a new sales-focused mentality amongst his service...

Beyond Great Service: Unveiling Intelligent Service

Jul 13, 2018 • beyond great serviceFeaturesfield serviceFIeld TechniciansJim BastonManagementselling serviceService ManagementService Revenue

In the penultimate feature from our exclusive serialisation of Jim Baston’s excellent industry focused book Beyond Great Service, we begin to see how our protagonist Charlie and his teams journey towards better understanding the balance of...

Beyond Great Service: Seeking Feedback (Part 2)

May 23, 2018 • beyond great serviceFeaturesfield service managementJim BastonManagementselling serviceService as a Profit Centre

As we begin to enter the final articles in our serialisation of Jim Baston’s excellent industry focused book Beyond Great Service we conclude the section on seeking feedback - an area that has become increasingly important today as field service...

Does Sales Have to be a Dirty Word in Service?

Apr 26, 2018 • beyond great serviceFeaturesJim BastonManagementselling serviceService and SalesTrusted Advisor

Jim Baston, the author of Beyond Great Service, tackles one of the most prominent questions amongst field service organizations - can service technicians sell without jeopardizing their trusted advisor status?

Beyond Great Service: The Solution (Part 3)

Feb 14, 2018 • BBA Consultingbeyond great serviceFeaturesJim BastonManagementSales and ServiceService Sales

As Jim Baston continues the serialisation of his excellent service orientated book Beyond Great Service our protagonist Charlie begins outlining the solution to the sales and service equation to his team of service engineers...

Beyond Great Service: The Solution (Part 2)

Jan 03, 2018 • beyond great serviceFeaturesJim BastonManagementmanagement

Charlie's continued journey towards the perfect balance between service and sales continues as we explore the next section of our exclusive serialisation of the excellent industry focussed book Beyond Great Service.

Editorial Leader: Field Service News issue 19 - Choices

Oct 17, 2017 • Bill PollockFeaturesFelix KeiderlingJim BastonLeaderMagazine (digital editions)MArne MArtinNick FrankOutcome Based SolutionsresourcesServitization

Field Service News Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland discusses the fact that the choices field service companies are facing today wider ranging and more critical to success than ever before and gives us an overview of what to expect in Field Service...

Beyond Great Service: The Solution (Part 1)

Oct 16, 2017 • beyond great serviceFeaturesJim BastonManagementmanagement

As we continue our exclusive serialisation of Jim Baston’s excellent service industry focussed book Beyond Great Service, our protagonist Charlie has begun to edge closer to an epiphany in his quest to establish a perfect balance between service...

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