Are ServiceMax and GE ready to drive field service into an innovative new direction?

Feb 15, 2018 • FeaturesAPMAsset Performance ManagementGE DigitalIndustrialInternet of ThingsinterviewsservicemaxSoftware and Appssoftware and apps

GE Digital's acquisition of leading field service management solution provider Servicemax just over a year ago sent shockwaves across the industry for multiple reasons.

Industry leaders interview: The main man, Dave Yarnold, ServiceMax

Nov 17, 2016 • FeaturesInterviewinterviewsservicemaxSoftware and Appssoftware and apps

The Field Service Management software industry is fiercely competitive and one that in the last few years has been in almost constant flux as new technologies continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Time to start banging the drum....

Jun 27, 2016 • FeaturesClickSoftwareInterviewinterviewsSoftware and Apps

ClickSoftware have for a long time been seen as a key leader amongst field service solution providers. But the sector has gone through rapid evolution within the last few years with technology moving forward whilst the market becomes ever more...


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