Field Service Leaders Interviews: Scott Berg, ServiceMax (part two)

Mar 03, 2015 • FeaturesCustomisationBigDataInterviewSalesforceservicemaxSoftware and Appssoftware and apps

In part one of this exclusive interview with ServiceMax COO Scott Berg we looked at the the similarities between widely differing industries, the rapid rise of ServiceMax and why the IoT hasn't quite got fully up to speed as yet.

Field Service Leaders Interviews: Scott Berg, ServiceMax (part one)

Feb 23, 2015 • FeaturesSoftware & AppsInterviewInteviewsservicemaxSoftware and Apps

ServiceMax have been one of the undoubted success stories in field service software of recent years. Kris Oldland, Field Service News Editor spoke to Their COO Scott Berg to find out about the journey they have been on and what happens next....

Field Service News Interview: Lydia Otto, Sky Deutschland

Dec 01, 2014 • FeaturesFLSinterviewPayTVgermanyInterviewSkySoftware and Apps

Earlier this year Field Service News reported that Germany's leading pay TV company Sky Deutschland had been able to double their field service engineer productivity after implementing Fast Lean Smart's (FLS) FLS VISITOUR scheduling and FLS...

Talking Strategy with the Billion Dollar Man.... Martin Summerhayes, Fujitsu

Jul 30, 2014 • FeaturesManagementFujitsumanagementMartin SummerhayesInterviewStrategy

In part one of this exclusive two part interview Field Service News Editor, Kris Oldland talks to Martin Summerhayes of Fujitsu, about his spending over two decades as a pioneer in the field service industry... 

The Rugged Type: Exclusive Interview with Peter Molyneux, Getac

Jul 23, 2014 • FeaturesHardwarePeter MolynuexGetachardwareInterview

Towards the end of April this year specialist rugged computer manufacturer Getac launched perhaps one of the sleekest fully rugged devices yet to be seen in the T800. With heavyweight processing power, in a slim line 8.1-inch chassis yet still...

What lies beneath... exclusive interview with Peter Mollyneux, Getac

Apr 29, 2014 • FeaturesHardwarePeter MolyneuxGetachardwareInterviewrugged tabletsT800

Following on from the launch of a 7inch Android tablet last year, Getac have now launched a fully rugged 8 inch tablet that runs Windows 8.1. Field Service News spoke exclusively with Peter Molyneux about the new launch and Getac’s approach to...

Transforming Service Delivery: Exclusive interview with Mark Forrest on Trimble’s latest field service report

Mar 30, 2014 • FeaturesFleet Technologyfleet technologyresearchInterviewTrimble

Trimble Field Service Management are set to release a new report following on from a research project they have be conducting looking at how field service organisations need to transform their service delivery to remain competitive in today's...

Industry Leaders: Segio Barata, Telogis – Part Three

Mar 13, 2014 • FeaturesFleet Technologyfleet technologyindustry leadersInterviewsergio baratatelogis

In the third and final part of our exclusive interview with Telogis UK General Manager Sergio Barata, we find out what Sergio's thoughts are on the impact of smart phones on field service software and what he thinks is the next stage for the...

Industry Leaders: Segio Barata Telogis – Part Two

Mar 06, 2014 • FeaturesFleet Technologyfleet technologyindustry leadersinterviewInterviewsergio baratatelogis

In part one of this exclusive interview with Telogis' Sergio Barata we learnt both about his personal background and the background of the company. In this second part of this three part series we discuss the growth of Telogis and the technology...

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