Research update: Mobility in field service

Mar 31, 2015 • FeaturesHardwareAdvanced Field ServicelaptopspdasresearchResearchhardwaresmartphonestablets

Field Service News is currently undertaking a research project into what types of mobility tool are being used by field service companies. What types of hardware and software are being used? How are companies selecting the right solution for...

A tale of two markets? Field service and the rugged tablet

Mar 27, 2015 • FeaturesHardwareXploreruggedSandy McCaskie

Xplore Technologies’ Sandy McCaskie asks whether the rising “consumer made rugged” approach can work for field service companies?

What is in a name? Part 2: The hallmarks of field service

Feb 23, 2015 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computinghardwareian davies

Motion Computing's Ian Davies returns to the question of what defines field service...

Xplore Technologies Introduces xCapture Pro for Bobcat and XC6 Rugged Tablets

Jan 30, 2015 • HardwareNewsXplorehardware

Xplore Technologies a manufacturer of the most powerful, longest-lasting, ultra and fully-rugged tablets, recently announced Xplore xCapture Pro camera software for its Bobcat and XC6 Windows-based tablet PCs. The new camera software provides end...

Defining End to End field service: Part Three

Jan 29, 2015 • FeaturesHardwareFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field serviceBYODCYODEnd to end field servicehardwaresolarvista

Tools to do the job – hardware

In this series we are tackling the topic of end to end field service and exploring the technology options across each stage of the service call lifecycle.

Xplore Technologies Secures $2 Million Order from Service Provider to Utilities and Telecommunications Companies

Jan 25, 2015 • HardwareNewsXplorehardwareruggedtablets

Xplore Technologies a manufacturer of powerful, longest-lasting, ultra and fully-rugged tablets, recently announced it has secured a $2 million (US) order for its XC6 DMSR ultra-rugged Windows tablets from a company providing infrastructure...

Xplore Technologies’ Bobcat and RangerX Tablet PCs Achieve Full ATEX Certification

Dec 17, 2014 • HardwareNewsXplorehardwarerugged tablet

Xplore Technologies Corp manufacturer of some of the world's most powerful, longest-lasting and rugged tablets on the market, has announced that both the Windows-based Bobcat and Android-based RangerX models have achieved full ATEX certification.

Samsung ’s first ruggedised B2B Tablet launches in UK

Dec 07, 2014 • HardwareNewshardwareruggedsamsungtablet

Samsung Electronics UK announced late last month that the Galaxy Tab Active is now available in the UK through IT distributor Exertis.  Samsung’s first tablet designed specifically for the B2B market will be available exclusively for six months...

Five key ways to counter the threat to security and privacy posed by wearables

Nov 07, 2014 • FeaturesHardwarewearablesDA Systemshardware

The importance of wearables is on the rise but this brings with it new security and privacy risks writes DA Systems David Upton...

New developments in tablet computer repair

Nov 06, 2014 • FeaturesHardwareMichael Blumberghardwaretablets

President and CEO of the Blumberg Group, Michael Blumberg, takes a detailed look at the tablet repair market... 

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