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In-Vehicle app integration commonplace within five years

Aug 28, 2014 • NewsAndroid AutoFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field servicein-vehicle appsCarPlaytelematics

A recent report into the telematics sector undertaken by Juniper Research has identified that in-vehicle apps is anticipated to reach almost 270 million within the next four five years. This represents an increase of more than five fold on last...

The Contact Centre of Tomorrow: 5 ways it will be different

Aug 27, 2014 • Featurescontact centreFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field serviceGregoire VigrouxTelus International

The contact centre remains an important asset to many field service organisations, but like field service itself the contact centre is rapidly evolving. Here Gregoire Vigroux, European Marketing Director, TELUS International looks at what the...

Upcoming Event: The Mobility of Things - Enterprise Mobility Management

Aug 21, 2014 • NewsFuture of FIeld Serviceenterprise mobility managementEvents

Lets be honest its no longer a question of if our companies’ go mobile it is now a case of when… and if you want to stay in touch with your competition the when really must be now.

Functionality vs. Technology

Aug 14, 2014 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field servicetechnologyAsolvi

Colin Brown, Managing Director, Tesseract takes a look at the difference between functionality and technology and why technologies must learn to adapt and evolve if they are to continue to thrive...

Resource: 21st Century Field Service: The impact of the Internet of Things on Field Service

Aug 12, 2014 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld Servicewhite papersWhite Papers & eBooksInternet of Thingssolarvista

Resource Type: White PaperTitle: Resource: 21st Century Field Service: The impact of the Internet of Things on Field Service About: In our latest white paper 21st Century field service: The impact of the Internet of Things, we look at how once...

Life through a lens - how wearable tech is sharpening the focus on field service app development strategies

Jun 12, 2014 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServiceFuture TechWearable DevicesFeed Henry

2014 has been deemed the "year of the wearables" and field service is one industry that could profit greatly if the potential advancements being discussed in such devices could come become a reality, in this exclusive feature, Conor O'Neill,...

Preparing for the IoT Revolution

Jun 05, 2014 • FeaturesCoresystemsFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field servicePhilipp EmmeneggerInternet of ThingsTechnology

If the Internet of Things (IoT) lives up to its billing it has the potential to change the way the field service industry operates entirely. In this exclusive articele for Field Service News, Philipp Emmenegger, CEO of coresystems AG looks at...

The internet of things and field service...

May 12, 2014 • FeaturesCore SystemsFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field serviceInternet of ThingstechnologyTechnology

The Internet of Things has certainly gained momentum recently but what does it mean to the Field Service Industry? Kris Oldland, Editor of Field Service News looks at how it could impact the industry and at a first generation of IoT field service...

Field Service panel debate: All change please? Mark Forrest

Apr 17, 2014 • FeaturesManagementFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field servicemanagementpanelTrimble

The field service industry continues to evolve at pace. New technologies are constantly emerging which have the potential to change the industry as we know it.

Field Service News Podcast: Bill Pollock on what makes the best the best

Apr 16, 2014 • FeaturesManagementFuture of FIeld ServicePodcastBill Pollock

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