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How embracing digital can make your service operation safe, reliable and optimised....

Sep 03, 2018 • FeaturesABBFuture of FIeld Servicehealth and safetyOil and Gasfield servicefield service managementField Service Managerfield service techniciansField Service USAInternet of ThingsIoTService ManagementAsset PerformanceField Service DirectorKevin StarrRemote MonitoringService AutomationManaging the Mobile Workforce

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News talks to Kevin Starr of ABB's Oil and Gas Division, to get his take on just how pivotal it is we all get on board with the digitalisation agenda…

Is it time we all moved to uptime?

Jul 26, 2018 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld Servicefield servicefield service managementField Service USAGary BrooksService ManagementServitizationSyncron

Gary Brooks, CMO, Syncron talks to Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News about how the discussion around uptime has shifted from how to why...

The IoT revolution hasn’t happened. It’s only just beginning

Jul 10, 2018 • FeaturesArtificial intelligenceConnected Field ServiceFuture of FIeld ServiceMachine LearningPreventative MaintenancecloudField Service USAGE DigitalIoTScott bergservicemaxThingWorx

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News talks to Scott Berg, CEO at ServiceMax about why IoT has so far failed to hit the heights it really is capable of and what we more should be expecting from connected assets in the near future...

4 Make-You-Or-Break- You Trends Driving 2019 Service Objectives

Apr 25, 2018 • FeaturesArtificial intelligenceAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld ServiceWBRbig dataField Service USASara Mueller

Sara Mueller, Field Service Portfolio Director, WBR looks at how the rapid evolution of service excellence is a double-edged sword of opportunity and challenges...

Whispers of the desert

Aug 29, 2017 • FeaturesManagementAugmented RealityMichael BlumbergField Service USAIoTCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Whilst some were heading out to the desert to watch the likes of Radiohead and Lady Gaga at Coachella 2017 early this year, others were in Palm Springs for perhaps the lesser known but equally fantastic Field Service USA.

Field Service News @ FSUSA - Augmented Reality Demo with XM Reality

Aug 17, 2017 • videoAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld ServiceVideoXM realityField Service USA

Kris Oldland talks to the team at XMReality whilst at Field Service USA and they give him a demonstration of how their Augmented Reality solution can help field service companies

Field Service News @ Field Service USA - Ft. Scott Montgomerie, ScopeAR

Jul 28, 2017 • videoAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld ServiceField Service USAScope ARScott Montgomerie

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News reports from Field Service USA and talks to Scott Montgomerie of Scope AR about the role of Augmented Reality in Field Service

Five things every field service company should be doing right now...

Jul 19, 2017 • FeaturesManagementAGeing WorkforceConnected Field ServiceMichael BlumbergField Service USAIoTUberisationParts Pricing and LogisticsCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) held its Field Service 2017 conference at the end of April with over 450 service leaders from top manufacturing and service companies in attendance.

Field Service USA: Editor's Picks Day 3

Apr 20, 2017 • NewsBrian UhlenhakeCaterpillarField Service USAGreg ParkerTrane

As the conversations continue to flow here at Field Service USA this year we move into the third day of the event and once again Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News highlights his three key picks of the day's must-see sessions...

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