Equip Your Mobile Workforce for Success in the Field

Sep 09, 2020 • FeaturesSalesforceMobie workforce management

Salesforce’s Gary Brandeleer offers six key considerations field service companies should be aware of when approaching how to empower their field workers with best-in-class mobile technologies...

Think Tank Debrief: Should We Be Moving to Remote First as a Default?

Sep 09, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationCovid-19Think Tank

One of the key areas that was discussed heavily in a recent Field Service News Think Tank Session was whether the move towards remote first as a default a key part of the new normal?

Beyond the Headlines: Scope AR Partner with ServiceMax (Part One)

Sep 08, 2020 • FeaturesAugmented RealityRemote AssistanceDigital TransformationScope ARservicemax

A few weeks ago, Scope AR and ServiceMax announced that they had established a partnership that would allow ScopeAR to be embedded into the workflow of ServiceMax users...

Why digitilization has increased the importance of the field service call and is this still true in a post-pandemic world?

Sep 07, 2020 • FeaturesDigital Transformation

In a world of digitilization in which it is fully possible to engage with customers without human interaction at all, the field service call has become increasingly rare – it is an opportunity to deal with your customers face to face and in...

Beyond the Headlines: Salesforce Announce the Next Generation of Field Service Management Software

Sep 07, 2020 • FeaturesPaul WhitelamSalesforceUSA

Last week Salesforce announced the next generation of their FSM solution, Salesforce Field Service, which was designed to equip field service organisations with the power of Artificial Intelligence-powered tools to deliver trusted...

Think Tank Debrief: COVID-19: The Greatest Disruptor of All Time

Sep 07, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Think Tank

It's been said in many corners of the field service industry and beyond, that COVID-19 has been the greatest disrupter of all time - what does this mean for the field service sector?

Think Tank Debrief: The Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Field Service

Sep 03, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Think Tank

Daniel Brabec and Coen Jeukens of Servicemax reflect on the financial impact of the global lockdowns on th efield service sector. 

Think Tank Debrief: The Initial Challenges of Covid-19

Aug 31, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Think Tank

In this excerpt from the inaugural Field Service News Think Tanks Debrief Session Kieran Notter and Daniel Brabec reflects on the groups comments around the initial operational challenges of Covid-19

Are We Ready for 3D Printing in Field Service?

Aug 27, 2020 • Features3D printingArtificial intelligenceVideoAquantParts Pricing and Logisticsnorth americaField Service News Digital Symposium3D Systems Corporation

Having given an excellent presentation in the Field Service News Digital Symposium on the application of Artificial Intelligence in service triage, Mark Hessinger, Vice President, Global Customer Service, 3D Systems Corporation spoke with Kris...

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