Why Field Service Must Invest in Digital Transformation

Jul 06, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationSalesforce

We’re at a defining moment for field service management — invest in digital transformation or risk getting left behind writes Gary Brandeleer, Senior Director of Product Management, Field Service Lightning at Salesforce...

Digitalisation + Customer-Centricity: 2 Pillars of the New Normal

Jul 02, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationSalesforceThe Field Service PodcastCovid-19michael kuebel

In the final excerpt from season 5 episode 3 of the Field Service Podcast, Lukas Fahnroth of Koenig and Bauer and Michael Kuebel of Salesforce discuss why digital transformation and customer-centricity must form the foundations of the new normal...

What will recovery from Covid-19 look like? (Podcast Highlights)

Jun 30, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationSalesforceThe Field Service PodcastCovid-19michael kuebelcustomer centricity

One company that stood as something of a beacon for the many of us in the field service sector struggling in the face of the global lockdowns was Koenig and Bauer, whose agile mindset allowed them to adapt quickly to the situation. In this...

Globe Telecom’s Approach to having the “happiest customers”

Jun 26, 2020 • FeaturesWBRTelcoCustomer Satisfaction and ExpectationsCSAT

WBR's Laura Anne Danaraj speaks to Margerat Dizon from Globe Telecom about balancing customer demands with efficient operations.

Servitization: Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Jun 25, 2020 • FeaturesJan Van VeenOutcome-based serviceServitization and Advanced Servicesworldwideadvanced services

Jan van Veen explains how to accelerate your service innovation in disruption times and to ultimately thrive, leveraging servitization and outcome-based services.

The Importance of Being Close to Your Customers at Times of Crisis

Jun 25, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationSalesforceThe Field Service PodcastCovid-19michael kuebelcustomer centricity

In this excerpt from the Field Service Podcast, Salesforce's Michael Keubel and Koenig and Bauer's Lukas Fahnroth discuss why the concept of customer-centricity was critical in being able to navigate the tricky waters of 2020.

What are the Right Technology Investments for the Service Next Normal?

Jun 23, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationTechnologyCovid-19

IDC's Aly Pinder discusses what the next stage of field service could be and what technology can help ride the uncertainty.

An Example of Excellence in the Face of Adversity (podcast highlights)

Jun 23, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationSalesforceThe Field Service PodcastCovid-19Leadership and Strategymichael kuebelcustomer centricity

Koenig and Bauer were an organisation who showed excellent agility, innovation and leadership during the pandemic. Here, Lukas Fahnroth explains how the embedded culture within the organisation helped them pivot and adapt so quickly.

Logistics: Bringing it All Together

Jun 22, 2020 • FeaturesWarehousingParts Pricing and Logisticsworldwidespare parts logistics

Copperberg’s editor Adrian Cirlig and content writer Radiana Pit discuss the importance of warehousing and your logistical networking and how ecommerce is changing what was once a straight-forward channel. 

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