UK Logistics Sector Faces Major Threats

Jan 14, 2021 • NewsCyber SecuritydronesIBMParts Pricing and LogisticsEMEAdrone major group

The logistics industry, currently one of the greatest winners in the 2020 pandemic world, is under enormous threat going into 2021 as one of the UK’s prime business sectors is targeted by sophisticated cyber-destructors and intellectual property...

Drones: Service Revolution or Pie in the Sky?

May 04, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field servicedronesUK Drone Delivery GroupParts Pricing and Logistics

Is it time for a reality check when it comes to drones and service? Mark Glover speaks to Robert Garbett from the UK Drone Delivery Group who says mid-mile delivery might be possible but we're a long way from Amazon delivering from above.

DRONES: UK Industry Group Call for Testing Ground Implementation

Apr 17, 2020 • Newsfuture of field servicedronesLast MileUK Drone Delivery Group

A whitepaper from the UK Drone Delivery group says implementing testing grounds for the technology could accelerate a potentially successful UK drone industry.

Parrot and RIIS Partner to Develop AI Programmes for ANAFI Drone Platform

Feb 24, 2020 • Newsfuture of field servicedrones

Companies create innovative solutions to complex problems for enterprise users.

Drone Group Call for Progress in Tech's Evolution

Feb 18, 2020 • Newsfuture of field servicedrones

UK Drone Delivery Group makes urgent ‘call to action’ for property owners and influencers to provide testing areas for drones - to prevent ‘bottleneck to growth’...

World’s First ISO Approved Drone Safety Standards announced

Dec 20, 2019 • Newsfuture of field servicedronesFinal MileISO

World’s first ISO approved drone standards have been announced, possibly impacting final mile services.

Take to the Skies

Oct 29, 2019 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServicedronesMark GloverLast MileKey Performance Indicator

A few years back Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos declared on US National TV that he would be investing in Prime Air a delivery network that would utilise drones to deliver packages to their customers. At the time many cynically argued that it was a...

Research Analysis: The Changing Face of the Field Service Engineer (Excerpt One)

Mar 06, 2018 • videoFeaturesAGeing WorkforceARArtificial intelligenceFuture of FIeld ServiceKieran NotterresearchResearchdronesIoTservicemax

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News and Kieran Notter, Director, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax from GE Digital explore the findings of an exclusive independent research conducted by Field Service News and sponsored by...

What Does Preventative Maintenance Mean For Parts Management...

Jan 22, 2018 • Features3D printingAftermarketAsset ManagementAsset Performance ManagementAugmented RealityAutonomous VehiclesdronesErik KjellstromIoTservicemaxServitizationSyncronParts Pricing and Logistics

What will the impact of servitization and the move to preventative maintenance that it entails have on parts and inventory management? Erik Kjellstrom, Pre-Sales Manager, Syncron tackled this question at the Aftermarket Conference in Hamburg last...

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