Crossing the Chasm: The Gap Between the Creation and the Adoption

Jul 15, 2019 • AIcopperbergData Analyticsfuture of field serviceField Service ForumIoT

Despite words like innovators and pioneers being regularly used to describe high profile companies, there is an argument that in business you never really want to be the first. Wang Computers released the Wang 3300 five years before the Apple 1....

Breaking down silos: Why the flow of data is essential to modern service delivery...

Jun 28, 2019 • FeaturesCognito iQData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld ServiceKonica MInoltaDavid BochenskiDave WebbGed Cranny

It is often said that data will be the true currency of future businesses across all sectors, but have we already reached a point where the seamless flow of data within an organisation is now essential for effective service delivery?

The Critical Role of Analytics in 2019

Apr 02, 2019 • FeaturesanalyticsData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld ServiceBigDatabusiness intelligenceFieldAware

Marc Tatarsky, SVP Marketing of FieldAware outlines the increasing importance of business intelligence in field service management. Without doubt the use of analytics is having an increasing impact in field service. In 2018 we saw more interest...

Data: The Challenge and the Key to 21st Century Service excellence?

Jun 04, 2018 • FeaturesConnected Field ServiceDataData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld Servicemobile workforcewhite papersWhite Papers & eBookseBECSfield servicefield service managementfield service softwareInternet of ThingsIoTService Management

Field Service News, Editor-in-Chief Editor, Kris Oldland's latest white paper, sponsored by eBECS, explores why field service organisations should be ensuring their field service technicians are collecting data from assets whilst on service calls...

Before Data Analytics Think Problem to Solve

May 29, 2018 • FeaturesManagementAIArtificial intelligenceData AnalyticsMachine LearningNick Frankdata scienceData ScientistsEric TophamSi2 partnersThe Data Analysis Bureau

Mashed up by machine learning? Dumbfounded by data science? Agnostic about AI? Nick Frank, Managing Consultant, Si2 Partners doesn’t promise to the provide all the answers, but he can offer some crucial insight into the management process on...

Measuring What Matters...

May 14, 2018 • FeaturesContinuous ImprovementCRMData AnalyticsFSMoptimisationbig dataERPfield service analyticsfield service managementFieldAwareSoftware and Appsstatistical modellingSteve Wellens

Steve Wellen, CEO of FieldAware outlines the evolution of analytics and how field service organisations are reaping the benefits...

Is Your Organisation Drowning in a Data Lake? Or Is There Not Enough Data to Drink?

May 03, 2018 • FeaturesData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld ServiceBill Pollockfield servicefield service managementIoT

Data collation has become perhaps one of the most important factors in delivering the levels of standards that today’s empowered customers demand. However, many companies are now finding themselves struggling to turn the vast amounts of data...

The Future of Field Service Management Will Rely on Connected Field Service

Apr 18, 2018 • FeaturesConnected Field ServiceData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld ServiceBill PollockInternet of ThingsIoT

Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for Growth explains why the future of the field service sector is going to be fully dependent on the emerging technologies that are driving ever greater connectivity...

Big Data - improper use risk, says Gartner

Oct 15, 2015 • NewsData Analyticsbig databusiness intelligencegartnerTechnology

 By 2018, half of business ethics violations will occur through improper use of Big Data Analytics, says Gartner.

Field Service companies leveraging performance analytics gain competitive advantage Aberdeen report reveals

Dec 31, 2013 • ManagementNewsAberdeen GroupData AnalyticsTrimble

A recently published study from Aberdeen Group commissioned by Trimble FSM has found that the best-performing field service organisations are extremely focused on improving service, and to achieve that, they are leveraging performance analytics...


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