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The natural transition from tracking customer satisfaction to customer success

Jun 10, 2021 • FeaturesCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined on the Field Service News Digital Symposium by Hilbrand Rustema, Managing Director and Founder of Noventum to discuss the findings of Noventum's Remote Service Delivery Benchmarking stud...

Globe Telecom’s Approach to having the “happiest customers”

Jun 26, 2020 • FeaturesWBRTelcoCustomer Satisfaction and ExpectationsCSAT

WBR's Laura Anne Danaraj speaks to Margerat Dizon from Globe Telecom about balancing customer demands with efficient operations.

4 Success Factors Seen in Field Service Companies During Covid-19

Jun 18, 2020 • FeaturesSalesforceThe Field Service PodcastCovid-19Leadership and StrategyCustomer Satisfaction and Expectationsmichael kuebelcustomer centricity

Micheal Kuebel of Salesforce has been working with a number of companies to help them overcome the challenges of the global lockdowns. In this excerpt of the Field Service Podcast Kuebel identifies four key traits that he has seen emerge as...

FieldAware and Localz Partner to Uberize Day of Service for Customers

May 18, 2020 • NewsFieldAwaresteve masonService AutomationlocalzCustomer Satisfaction and ExpectationsTim AndrewCSAT

FieldAware's Field Service hub extends best-in-class customer engagement.

Manufacturers Admit Challenges With Customer Expectations, Study Shows

May 12, 2020 • NewsNoventumOutcome based servicesHSOServitization and Advanced ServicesCustomer Satisfaction and ExpectationsEMEA

New research into the digital service trends of large manufacturers shows they are lacking the necessary IT infrastructures and are struggling to meet the expectations of customers in the servitization era.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Customer Experience

May 01, 2020 • FeaturesManagementFuture TechnologyDigital TransformationRohit AgarwalCovid-19Leadership and StrategyCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Technology use in service is about attaining business needs, says Rohit Agarwal. In a world impacted by Corona Virus ensuring your tech fulfils its business case will become more prominent.

Build a Strong Customer Story in Seven Steps

Apr 30, 2020 • FeaturesService DesignCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Many service innovations fail because they do not have a substantial and desired impact for clients. Often, customer insights and value propositions are limited to a description of features and benefits, without considering the outcomes clients...

Preparing to Meet Customers' Field Service Needs in Uncertain Times

Apr 27, 2020 • Featuresfield servicefield service managementInternal ReviewCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

The service sector will weather the Corona Virus storm but our customers needs will have changed so how do you operate in a post-pandemic environment? Bill Pollock talks us through the process.

Nissan’s Road to Service Excellence in Customer Loyalty

Apr 24, 2020 • FeaturesManagementNissanWBRDigital TransformationAPACfield service asiaLeadership and StrategyCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

In a turbulent automotive market Japanese manufacturing giant Nissan have had to take the hard path to find success writes Laura Anne Danaraj...

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