Think Tank Debrief: Should We Be Moving to Remote First as a Default?

Sep 09, 2020 • FeaturesDigital TransformationCovid-19Think Tank

One of the key areas that was discussed heavily in a recent Field Service News Think Tank Session was whether the move towards remote first as a default a key part of the new normal?

Think Tank Debrief: COVID-19: The Greatest Disruptor of All Time

Sep 07, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Think Tank

It's been said in many corners of the field service industry and beyond, that COVID-19 has been the greatest disrupter of all time - what does this mean for the field service sector?

Think Tank Debrief: The Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Field Service

Sep 03, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Think Tank

Daniel Brabec and Coen Jeukens of Servicemax reflect on the financial impact of the global lockdowns on th efield service sector. 

Think Tank Debrief: The Initial Challenges of Covid-19

Aug 31, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Think Tank

In this excerpt from the inaugural Field Service News Think Tanks Debrief Session Kieran Notter and Daniel Brabec reflects on the groups comments around the initial operational challenges of Covid-19

Survive COVID-19 & Grow by Service

Aug 13, 2020 • FeaturesCovid-19Leadership and Strategy

Ahmed Gharbaoui is a Global Subject Matter Expert in Business Growing by Service approach. Here he puts forward a three step plan for field service organisations to build recovery from the colossal impact of Covid-19...

Survive Radical Change with Services

Jul 15, 2020 • FeaturesAdvanced Services GroupmanufacturingProfessor Tim BainesThe View from AcademiaCovid-19Servitization and Advanced Services

Professor Tim Baines, Director of the Advanced Services Group, Aston University and Dr. Ali Zia Bigdeli, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Services Innovation at Aston University argue manufacturing should embrace services as part of its...

Do Social Bubbles Show the Way for Service Bubbles Post Covid-19?

Jul 08, 2020 • Featuresfield awareFieldAwareCovid-19Service Innovation and Design

As our industry is desperately seeking avenues to return to normality, FieldAware’s COO Steve Mason brings to the table an interesting solution...

Covid-19: An Overwhelming Opportunity to Improve Service Delivery

Jul 03, 2020 • NewsresearchAPACCovid-19EMEAnorth america

Field Service News is in the middle of an in-depth global research project. As we reach the half way stage we share some of the initial findings including that cover three quarters of service companies see an opportunity to improve service...

IFS Study: IT Project Failures Result In 2-3 Year Recovery Period

Jul 03, 2020 • NewsDigital TransformationIFSCovid-19Market Research

Of decision-makers that experienced a digital transformation project failure, 25% experienced financial loss alongside a number of other damaging implications

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