Outotec’s value pricing journey

Dec 24, 2018 • AftermarketAftermarket PricingcopperbergFeaturesfield servicefield service technologyInventory ManagementLogisticsMartin BrändströmOutotecparts managementPricingService LogisticsSpare Parts Pricing

The process of creating a price that reflects a company’s soft value is truly a journey. Reaching directly into a world where your products and services serve your customers, the value/price journey is an intense process in which companies can...

A revolution in customer focus with Thomas Radau from Titan

Dec 12, 2018 • AftermarketcopperbergCustomaer SatisfactionCustomer ExperienceCustomer FocusEngineering ServicesFeaturesManagementMark McCordThomas RadauTitan

This year's Aftermarket Business Platform was once again a hive of information as senior leaders from across the European continent and beyond came together to share their insight, learn from their peers and see first hand the technology that is...

Parts Management: An evolving sector...

Nov 20, 2018 • 3D printingAftermarketArtificial intelligencecopperbergeCommerceFeaturesfield servicefield service technologyInventory ManagementLogisticsParts Logisticsparts managementParts PricingService ManagementSpare PartsSpare Parts Conference

In an age of servitization and advanced services, spare parts management has become something of a difficult beast to fully grasp for many companies who are offer aftermarket services.

10 steps to servitization success

Sep 27, 2018 • AftermarketCarl-Henrik SjölundcopperbergFeaturesfield servicefield service managementManagementOutcome-based serviceSECO TOOLSService ManagementServitizationthrough life cycle service

Every year, the team at Copperberg AB, producers of the forthcoming Aftermarket Business Platform gather the brightest service leaders from the largest manufacturing companies and from all corners of Europe to dissect the ongoing service...

Industry Survey: Is Spare Parts Still the Service Division Cash Cow?

Sep 24, 2018 • Aftermarketcopperbergfield serviceLogisticsNewsService LogisticsService ManagementSpare Parts

As a cash cow of the service division, how prepared is your spare parts business to embrace increasing pressure from customer expectations, changing trade agreements, and intra-connected new technologies?  How will these and more affect your...

How will outcome based contracts impact spare parts revenue?

Apr 09, 2018 • copperbergFeaturesField Service SummitLogisticslogisticsService Logisticsservice supply chainSpare PartsSpare Parts SummitThomas Igou

Ahead of the forthcoming inaugural Spare Parts Summit being held in Warwick, UK on April 12th, Field Service News Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland talks to Thomas Igou, Content Director, Copperberg about the impact the growing trend of servitization...

Succession Planning in Field Service: The Most Important Challenge Facing Field Service Organisations

Mar 19, 2018 • copperbergDevelopmentFeaturesField Service ForumField Service SummitManagementPlanningPrudence KolongRecruitment

Will self-service for customers be the answer to the dwindling number of available field service technicians? Prudence Kolong, Editorial Director, Copperberg, joins the ranks of Field Service News associate columnists and in her first feature...

#fsn20 - The 20 most influential people in field service: 2017 edition (page 1)

Mar 06, 2017 • Aston Centre for Servitization Research and PractiBill PollockcopperbergCranfield UniversityDr John ErkoyuncuFeaturesfield servicefield service europeField Service ForumField Service MedicalField Service SummitField Service USAFSN20Future of FIeld ServiceIFSJonathan MassoudMark BrewerMark HolleranStrategies for GrowthSMsumair duttaThe Service CouncilThosas Igoutim bainesWBRXplore Technologies

Who are the most influential people in the global field service sector that you need to pay attention to in 2017?

The Big Discussion: Fleet Management

Jul 05, 2016 • copperbergEventsFeaturesField Service Forumfleet managementFleet TechnologyGreenroad

At the inaugural Field Service Summit held in Oxford last month Field Service News and Greenroad co-hosted a series of five 30 minute roundtables on Fleet Management. With Chatham house rules in place to allow the participants to speak freely...


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