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The IoT revolution hasn’t happened. It’s only just beginning

Jul 10, 2018 • FeaturesArtificial intelligenceConnected Field ServiceFuture of FIeld ServiceMachine LearningPreventative MaintenancecloudField Service USAGE DigitalIoTScott bergservicemaxThingWorx

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News talks to Scott Berg, CEO at ServiceMax about why IoT has so far failed to hit the heights it really is capable of and what we more should be expecting from connected assets in the near future...

Data: The Challenge and the Key to 21st Century Service excellence?

Jun 04, 2018 • FeaturesConnected Field ServiceDataData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld Servicewhite papersWhite Papers & eBookseBECSfield servicefield service managementfield service softwareInternet of ThingsIoTService ManagementManaging the Mobile Workforce

Field Service News, Editor-in-Chief Editor, Kris Oldland's latest white paper, sponsored by eBECS, explores why field service organisations should be ensuring their field service technicians are collecting data from assets whilst on service calls...

The Future of Field Service Management Will Rely on Connected Field Service

Apr 18, 2018 • FeaturesConnected Field ServiceData AnalyticsFuture of FIeld ServiceBill PollockInternet of ThingsIoT

Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for Growth explains why the future of the field service sector is going to be fully dependent on the emerging technologies that are driving ever greater connectivity...

eBook: A Connected World: Field Service Insight Report

Aug 02, 2017 • FeaturesConnected Field ServiceFuture of FIeld ServiceresourcesWhite PaperWhite Papers & eBooksTrimble

Resource Type: eBook Published by:  Trimble Title: A Connected World: Field Service Insight Report

Five things every field service company should be doing right now...

Jul 19, 2017 • FeaturesManagementAGeing WorkforceConnected Field ServiceMichael BlumbergField Service USAIoTUberisationParts Pricing and LogisticsCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) held its Field Service 2017 conference at the end of April with over 450 service leaders from top manufacturing and service companies in attendance.

Next stop: The future of Field Service

Feb 24, 2017 • FeaturesConnected Field ServiceFuture of FIeld ServiceMicrosoft Field ServiceCarsten Grothcloudfield serviceIoTSentiment Analysis

Kris Oldland, talks to the ever effervescent Carsten Groth, Technology Solutions Professional with Microsoft Field Service, to discuss what field service will look like in the not so distant future...

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