Managing Service Profitability in the Age of Digital Transformation

Oct 19, 2021 • FeaturesJoe KennyCoen JeukensDigital TransformationservicemaxGLOBALservice profitability

We know that the service department is probably the single largest contributor to the margin of your organization. But when I would ask you: when do you know you are doing a great job? What is your reference, your yard stick? We know the call for...

Keeping Your Assets in Shape

Aug 25, 2021 • FeaturesCoen JeukensservicemaxLeadership and StrategyGLOBAL

In this new article for Field Service News, Coen Jeukens, VP of global customer transformation at ServiceMax, explains how to create a custom fitness plan to keep your assets in shape...

Need to Consolidate Your Tech Stack?

Aug 24, 2021 • FeaturesCoen JeukensservicemaxLeadership and StrategyGLOBAL

In this new article, we look with SimPRO at how field service organisations can consolidate and fully integrate new technologies within their existing technology ecosystem...

Upsell Leakage: Everything You Need To Know

Jun 01, 2021 • FeaturesCoen JeukensservicemaxLeadership and StrategyGLOBAL

Do you know what your maximum service revenue potential could be based on the product units your organization sells? Is your current service revenue less than this maximum? Do you have a process to upsell service contracts into your existing...

Product as a Service

Sep 01, 2017 • FeaturesManagementOutcome based servicesProducts as a ServiceCoen JeukensServitization

Coen Jeukens, CSO, D-Essence, explores the developing world of Products as a Service and the increasing drive both from customer pull and vendor push towards outcome based business and service models...

Field Service News @ Field Service Forum ft. Coen Jeukens

Jul 25, 2017 • videoManagementagileCoen Jeukensdigital disruptionField Service Forum

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News talks to Coen Jeukens, Chief Service Officer, D-Essence who was the Chair at this year's Field Service Forum hosted by Copperberg about the key themes of Agility and Disruption in Field Service

What service managers should know about sales

Mar 07, 2017 • FeaturesManagementCoen Jeukensfield serviceselling service

Coen Jeukens, Chief Service Officer, D-Essence describes himself as a business leader with sales DNA and a service heart, here he outlines the knowledge he thinks every service manager should have in his tool belt when it comes to selling service...


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