New book outlines a step-by-step path to servitization

Jul 30, 2017 • FeaturesManagementAndy NeelyWolfgang UlagabooksChristian KowalkowskiDr. Michael ProvostHoward LightfootServitizationServitization Conferencetim baines

With the topic of Servitization gaining more and more traction both in manufacturing circles and beyond a new industry book that provides a roadmap to making the shift towards advanced, outcome based services could well be of vital use for...

ClickSoftware experts release new book

Jun 06, 2016 • ManagementNewsmanagementbooksC;ickSOftwaresoftware and apps

Best practices, customer insights and recommendations distilled from 20 years of experience are included in the new book written by Mike Karlskind, Stephen Smith, & Alec Berry of ClickSoftware 


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