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Massive Value: The Secret to Selling More Service Contracts

May 28, 2018 • FeaturesManagementMichael BlumbergBlumberg Advisoryfield serviceField Service Insightsfield service managementselling serviceService Management

Michael Blumberg, President, Blumberg Advisory Group and founder of Field Service Insights outlines how service organisations are overlooking the fundamental difference between a customer not seeing value in a service offering and a customer...

The New (Augmented) Reality Facing Service Providers

Dec 18, 2017 • FeaturesAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld ServiceMerged RealityMichael BlumbergVirtual RealityBlumberg Advisory

Michael Blumberg, President Blumberg Advisory Group gives us some insight into his recent conversations at Field Service Fall in Florida last month, where Augmented Reality was once again one of the hot topics of the conference...

Mergers and Acquisitions: Why has field service management become a hot ticket for investment?

May 11, 2017 • FeaturesMichael BlumbergWBRBill PollockBlumberg AdvisoryClickSoftwareIFSSara MuellerservicemaxservicepowerSoftware and AppsStrategies for GrowthSM

Within the last twelve months we have seen a sudden rush of Merger and Acquisition activities within the field service sector with many major brands including ServiceMax, ClickSoftware and most recently ServicePower all being acquired. So why has...

An inside look at best practices in marketing and selling extended warranties

Mar 08, 2017 • FeaturesManagementMichael BlumbergresearchBlumberg Advisoryfield serviceselling service

Michael Blumberg, President of Blumberg Advisory Group gives us an insiders view of how to ensure our customers understand the true value of extended warranties and service contracts...


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